Thursday, December 29, 2011

Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren

He must be ahead, because everyone is after him.

Senator Brown's ascent to the People's seat -- not the Kennedy's -- was a national rebuke to the ObamaCare juggernaut running roughshod over the rights and privileges of the states and the people.

I hope that the voters of Massachusetts remember that he was elected precisely to stop ObamaCare at all costs.

The alternative, a Washington insider who proudly proclaims her ties to the discredit Occupy Movement, would entrench the statist status quo already eating away out our nation's liberties and siphoning away our children's future.

From Los Angeles to New York, Massachusetts Senator Brown's success has gotten the American People's attention. Here's to my hope that, no matter how close the election may be in 2012, Scott Brown enjoys the privilege of representing the Bay State Commonwealth for another term as United States senator.

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