Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christie Makes the Point

At a recent fundraiser for Mitt Romney, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was briefly interrupted by stragglers from the Occupy Everywhere movement.

He handled it masterfully.

He redirected their rage against the Republican nominee back to its core cause: President Obama's failed domestic policies.

Christie attacks the President's principles and procedures, not his person -- this is effective campaigning.

Indeed, the Occupy Everywhere should be angry with themselves. They followed the hollow "hope and change" rhetoric of Chicago Machine Barry, and what they got was mope and derange -- they mope over the deranged agenda of a President who has alienated our one staunch ally in the Middle East, who has alienated job creators from coast to coast, and President Obama continues to alienate the American people by refusing to lead and reverting back to campaign mode.

We need leadership in this country. President Obama has failed to deliver. He has no right to stay in the Oval Office. If he wanted to run for Senator, at least his failed views on governance would only be harming one state.

Even though Governor Christie has elected not run for President, his prescience on the current President's failings are keeping the country focused on the hope and change that this country really needs -- no more Progressivism and Big Government statism eating away at the resources and liberties of the American People.

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