Thursday, December 29, 2011

GOP Stance on Israel

No matter who wins the GOP nomination, the Jewish state should rest assured that an ally will be running for the White House in 2012.

Of course, I am not speaking of President Barack Obama, who has reneged on our nation's ongoing commitment to Israel, pressing talks, negotiations, and concessions in teh face of growing unrest and irascible entitlement from the Arab World.

The Palestinians want a state, yet they are not even a people. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich may have committed a political faux pas, but it was a misstep of stating the truthful obvious.

Mitt Romney, for all of his flippant flip-flopping, has been a tried and true ally of the Middle Eastern nation with the only viable democracy and respect for the rights of all.

Michele Bachmann deserves commendation for her cheer-leading for the Jewish State, as well.

However, the surface callousness of Congressman Ron Paul also deserves attention and merit. His resolute call to end all foreign subsidies actually makes sense, especially considering that the United States receives very little return on our investment to Arab countries, which squander the grants on anti-Semitic cant in the public schools and propaganda to the public.

Israel is better served by a staunch ally who will let the Jewish state take charge of its own affairs. Contrary to the alarmism of celebrated conservatives like Thomas Sowell and evangelic ministers like Pastor John Hagee, I share Paul's calm indifference to a nuclear Iran, whose warlike ambitions will be checked by a stocked and stationed Israel, whose weapons arsenal dwarfs the firepower of the rabid Muslim thug-ocracy of Ahmedinejad.

Whatever the insane populist ambitions of the crooked Islamo-fascist may be, his eschatological ambitions to wipe out Israel and usher in the Second Coming of a Muslim Messiah will never happen. The United States would better reserve its resource to protecting our borders instead of mounting an unrealistic and abstract military strategy against another Middle Eastern country.

If President Obama had only support the 2009 Iranian revolution, the political coven calculating the demise of Israel would have been removed from power by now. Similar political pressure, or massive indifference, would be just as effective, without costing an already bankrupt nation.

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