Friday, December 30, 2011

California Closes Redevelopment Agencies and Cuts Welfare

Has New Jersey Governor Chris Christie moved to Sacramento? Has he lost weight and hair yet still taking a machete to wasteful, bloated Big Government, now cropping and chopping away at the Progressive fringes of sclerotic liberal fantasies from San Diego to Modoc County?

Amazed as I am that Christie has not moved, I am still more stunned, and gratefully so, that the California Legislature is now starting to behave like a hefty horde of grown-ups taking on the cottage bureaucracies throughout the Golden State.

I applaud Governor Brown's tenacity to take down agencies scattered abroad and funnelling the funds where they are most needed: education.

I also appreciate the Golden state's drastic cuts in welfare of all kinds. Despite the dubious distinction of largest welfare state in the country, California leaders are plowing past the teary sob stories of down-and-out couples with young children and forcing them off the dole.

Human ingenuity knows no bounds in the face of necessity. It's time for private interests and local governments to provide effective alternatives to statewide aid. Less state revenue spent on empty programs means less intervention, less regulation, and more innovation, all advantages for a state desperate for economic recovery.

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