Monday, December 5, 2011

GOP Gripes about Payroll Tax Cut Extension

It seems all topsy-turvy in Washington, D.C.: the Democrats want to extend a tax cut, and the Republicans are blocking it outright.

This is sensible, not outrageous. The Tea Party caucus is committed to debt and government reduction, not just tax cuts that also increase the national debt and deficit.

One ploy after another has failed to make any inroads toward balancing the budget. The Supercommittee was political theater, a superficial super-failure that exposed the crass hypocrisy that dominates the American mind -- we want our cake, and we want to eat it, and we want someone else to pay for it.

Tax cuts must be balanced with spending cuts, or the hike in inflation and interest rates will eat up whatever savings was supposed to return to the taxpayer in his paycheck.

To do nothing but cut taxes will induce only tax increases, as the federal government continues to lose revenue to offset the nation debt devouring this country.

We should applaud any effort by a Democratic President, including a Progressive liberal like Barack Obama, who wants to maintain tax breaks of the voters. However, the American people also want to see a gash made in the growth of government, too.

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