Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bachmann Turnover -- Drive Her Out?

It would seem that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's own staff is taking care of business, but instead of rallying around her for the final push, Bachmann's Iowa campaign chairman Kent Sorenson has defected to the Ron Paul campaign.

This surprising development flies in the face of the early hopes that had prompted and bolstered the Tea Party Caucus chairwoman's send off. Capitalizing on her populist roots and Iowa birth, Bachmann had submitted that she was not just the most qualified GOP presidential candidate, but a cinch to win first place in the Iowa caucuses. Although she did win the top spot in the Iowa straw poll, Ron Paul came in a very close second, and now he is stealing the shoo-in state that was originally destined to fold into the hands of the Minnesota legislator.

YouTube supporters have rallied for Candidate Bachmann to resign her campaign and support Ron Paul, a Congressman with the same acidic hatred for Big Government, plus a record unmatched for cutting spending and promoting individual liberty.

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