Monday, December 5, 2011

"Pulling the Trigger" -- Why Not Aim Higher?

Parents in Compton, California attempted to enforce an exchange of leadership at a local elementary school last year.

Because of a leaky loophole in the trigger law, Compton invalidated the attempt.

Another grassroots organization is rising, this time in Lynwood, where the Hispanic majority is demanding more control within the districts themselves as opposed to wresting control through a an outside operator.

I cannot believe that a mother can declare in a public forum from a podium in front of the neighborhood school that her fourth-grade child cannot read.

Is it possible that third-world, third-rate education is percolating throughout the Southland? From the civic corruption of South Gate, Bell, and now Montebello, to the chronic failure of public schools to educate their children, a permanent underclass of immigrant oppression is dominating throughout South Eastern Los Angeles County.

No matter the race, color, or culture of a child, every person needs to learn how to read, write, and do arithmetic. The perversion of molly-coddling multiculturalism mixed with statewide incompetence in resolving the problem of illegal immigration has begun creating two worlds in California, one in which citizens can acquire and apply skills to a varied workforce, and individuals seeking citizenship who are robbed of the chance to improve their lot and provide for the next generation to succeed in an English-speaking world.

Instead of forcing local residents to push for sluggish reforms in their school districts, why not offer to families the option to enroll their children wherever they wish? A voucher system, the greatest threat to the entrenched hegemony of teachers' unions, would invite competition in the school selection process, by which school districts would be forced to provide a better service and cater to the needs of the parents and their children.

All of this political wrangling through charter schools and parent unions only adds one more layer of bureaucratic hassles and foot-dragging to a reform movement crying out for innovation and excellent with all deliberate speed.

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