Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keep the Filibuster

We need as slow a government as possible.

The less government, the better. The Framers of the Constitution insisted a framework for limited government crammed with dilatory procedures. Frustrated government keeps the people free.

The Senate represents the nation by states, in which each state receives two representatives.

The majority of Americans are represented by a minority of senators. That concerted, concentrated minority has every right to block legislation as much as possible.

It is not government laziness, but government haste that we have more to fear from.

Keep the filibuster rule in the Senate!

The House of Representatives ought to reinstate their filibuster rule, too!

While we are discussing the proper scope of the federal government, it should be easier to repeal laws instead of passing laws.

What this country needs more than anything else is fewer laws, less micromanagement from the state, and politicians who serve less, so that they are less inclined to serve themselves.

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