Tuesday, November 7, 2017

WINNING: Scripps College Snowflakes Cancel DACA Event

Yesterday evening, I was planning to attend a DACA event at Scripps College.

These private post-graduate institutions are notorious for this left-wing activism. We the People Rising and LA County for Trump have done a commendable job of standing up to elected officials and public institutions who are promoting this lawlessness.

The frustrations of these corrupt officials is staggering. Did they really think that American citizens are going to sit back and let their elected officials push this staggering corruption? I don't think so!

Now, Scripps College has become notorious for not only promoting a radical Muslim, Hussam Ayloush, the head of CAIR-LA, a front group for Islamic terror, but now they want to push open borders and unfettered amnesty.

Here's the video of the Hussam Ayloush event:

Here's the webpage promoting the event:

However, sources close to me informed me that the event had been ... cancelled.

What? Apparently, there was a Facebook event page for this meeting too. Then one of my contacts checked up on the event, and behold--the Facebook page was gone.


Other people contacted the key event leaders and the building secretary for the event. They confirmation came through clearly: the students decided to cancel the DACA event.


I guess our fellow activists throughout Southern California are developing a consistent reputation to stand up to this corrosive nonsense. Illegal immigration is a crime. Americans must come first, both their needs and their concerns. It is silly and unsustainable that this country, like any other country, should cast aside its core functions of sovereignty to pander to marginal populations.

These actions are offensive and counterproductive.

Some people whom I had contacted wanted to go directly and confront the college students. I say that if we have gotten it to a point where these left-wing illegal alien activists are shutting down their events because they can't stand the heat and the exposure, than that's all good to me.

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