Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Travis Allen for Governor: Repeal the Gas Tax!


In our last update, we informed you that after we won in Superior court, Jerry Brown's hand-picked Attorney General Xavier Becerra appealed the Judge's decision in a desperate last-ditch attempt to trick voters and save Sacramento’s $52 Billion special interest payday.

We are now in Appeals court with the Attorney General and are seeking a quick response to this meritless appeal in order to have a final ruling within a few weeks. We are hopeful that you will receive your signature packets by the end of this month. We will keep you updated on the Appeal and will also send you an email when packets are mailed.

Then the hard work begins. We will have 180 days from the issuance of the official title and summary to collect the 365,880 signatures needed to place the Repeal on the November 2018 ballot and stop the gas tax which just took effect on November 1st.

Although Xavier Becerra is attempting to stall the Gas Tax Repeal in court, we are confident that we will once again prevail. This is yet another example of how Jerry Brown and his political allies will stop at nothing to deceive voters and raise your taxes.

As you know, Court battles are expensive and we need your help to make sure our legal bills are covered! If you can make a small donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 or of any size please click on this link.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress and thank you for your support in helping to fight this massive tax. Please go to our website for up to the minute updates and additional information atwww.NoCAGasTax.com.

Thank you for joining me in the fight!

Assemblyman Travis Allen
In Case You Missed It: Travis Allen
Speaks Out Against Gas Tax

Feel the spike in California gas prices. Coincides with introduction of undetectably cheaper "winter blend"
San Diego reader / Nov 2
The spike in gas prices on November 1st should have been no surprise to motorists. The increase comes from the state legislature’s 12-cent-per-gallon gas tax passed on April 28. The tax also raised diesel prices 20 cents per gallon and adds up to $150 in additional DMV fees to annual vehicle registration.

Gas prices go up as new tax takes effect; Fong critical of tax, noting it will hit residents hard
Taft Midway Driller / Nov 2
Fong advocated the gas tax will hit Californians hard. “We should not make California even more unaffordable for hardworking families to live and work here. I introduced a prudent and responsible transportation plan that would fully fund our road infrastructure without raising any taxes. The main principle of the plan required all transportation dollars to actually go to transportation projects—this is common sense,” said Assemblyman Fong.

California Fuel Taxes Rise Wednesday
Jefferson Public Radio / Nov 2
Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon’s office says the 12-cent-per-gallon gas tax hike was timed to take effect as California gas stations begin shifting from a pricier summer blend of gasoline to a cheaper winter blend – the goal being to smooth the transition for consumers as much as possible, as a politically unpopular tax takes effect.

California Gas Tax Increases 12 Cents per Gallon Effective Nov. 1
USA Herald / Nov 2
Assemblyman Allen is leading a ballot initiative to repeal the California gas tax. In September, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley changed the description of the ballot initiative to repeal the gas tax legislation.

New California gas tax takes effect
Cal Coast Times / Nov 1
California’s controversial gas tax increase took effect Wednesday, raising the base tax on gasoline 12 cents from 18 cents per gallon to 30 cents per gallon.

California gas tax increase takes effect
Tahoe Daily Tribune (Associated Press) / Nov 1
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California gas prices are about to go up. Gasoline taxes rise by 12 cents per gallon Wednesday, Nov. 1, to raise money for fixing roads and highways. It's the first of several tax and fee hikes that will take effect after lawmakers approved them this year. Diesel taxes will go up by 20 cents a gallon, and diesel sales taxes will rise by 4 points to 13 percent.

California's new gas taxes go into effect
CBS8 San Diego / Oct 31
Assemblyman Travis Allen, a Huntington Beach Republican who has made opposition to the gas tax a centerpiece of his campaign for governor, said the money won't widen or extend freeways to relieve traffic. "Californians will still be stuck in the worst-in-the-nation traffic. We'll just be paying a lot more for it," Allen said.

Judge rewrites summary of proposed gas tax repeal initiative, saying it was 'fundamentally flawed'
LA Times/ OCT. 25
A judge on Monday rewrote the title and summary for a proposed initiative that would repeal recent gas tax increases in California. He rejected a title and summary written by the state attorney general's office as "fundamentally flawed."

Judicial Victory for California Gas Tax Repeal
Canada Free Press / Sep 26
California Republican Assemblyman Travis Allen is a minority voice in the wilderness of liberal left Democrat Party domination. California’s Democrats have gone into full socialism and “kill-the-golden-goose” mode since regaining a supermajority in California’s State Legislature that essentially has rendered the Republican opposition moot and unable to stop any of the madness the Democrats have planned for the once golden State of California. State Senate Bill Number 1 (S.B. 1) signed by Governor Jerry Brown on April 28, 2017, and filed with the Secretary of State on the same day, launched an assault of crushing taxation upon the residents of California that had also been tried in 2003, but led to there call of Governor Gray Davis.

California’s November 1 Gas Tax Increase: Just the Beginning
Breitbart / Oct 30
Californians are bracing for the first phase of the SB-1 gas tax and vehicle registration hikes, which could help boost prices by up to 29 cents per gallon over the next 32 months.

California's gas tax increases Wednesday, and the political fallout is likely to spill over into 2018 elections
LA Times / Oct 31
A state gas tax increase of 12 cents per gallon kicks in Wednesday, and while the immediate impact will mean less money in motorists’ wallets, the long-term political fallout could roll into next year, when the higher levies are expected to be an issue in elections across California.

Pump bump: California drivers to pay 12 cents more per gallon starting Wednesday
The Mercury News / Oct 31
OAKLAND — Beginning Wednesday, drivers across California can expect to pay an extra 12 cents per gallon for gasoline at the pump, and an extra 20 cents per gallon for diesel.

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