Saturday, November 4, 2017

Wayne Dupree Mentions Me on Hollywood Take-Down

Kathy Griffin is trying to resurrect her career.

She thinks she can keep her comedy routine going as she slaughters and attacks President Trump.

This will not last long. The American public have had it with Hollywood hate and hypocrisy. It's not working anymore.

First, she poses with the severed head of Donald Trump while wearing a blue dress. Someone please tell me why this is funny?

It's not. It's stupid and offensive. Barron Trump had nightmares after seeing that offensive photo.

Griffin's career took a dive at that point--and it was spectacular.

Now, she's at it again, and this time she's naming names.

Specifically, she went after Harvey Levin of TMZ, who had released the severed head photo and brought her down.

Here's the video (she also releases his phone number to the public):

Wayne Dupree had his take on Transgender Peter Pan's mistake:

I figured her career would take a bad hit for a couple of years and then it would blow over. But if there were even one last gasp of air remaining in Griffin’s career, this video extinguishes it. Her ‘revelations’ about Andy Cohen, Harvey Levin, and her ex-engagement team, are not all THAT shocking, or offensive. “OMG Andy Cohen does blow!” Big deal. No one cares. The guy never appears on air without a drink in his hand.

Then Wayne cited my tweet on Hollywood eating each other out:

More winning!

So much winning.

This was great! Not only that, but Wayne Dupree featured Chanell Temple going after Maxine Waters right outside of her Washington DC office.

This is great stuff! So glad!

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