Thursday, November 2, 2017

Victory for USA! VictoryLatinoUS Pulls Racist Anti-Gillespie Ad

I wanted to write about this for the last two days.

There is so much winning, so much victory for us Americans, for us Trump supporters.

The Latino Victory Fund PAC released an offensive ad attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie. 

The commercial is so offensive, and so provocative, it's best just to see it for yourself:

The sudden irony of this creepy, corrupt commercial cannot be understated.

Just two days ago, another Islamic terrorist rammed a truck into a crowd in New York City. He was a terrorist who attacked foreigners as well as American natives in this huge city.

The Democratic Party leaders supported the diversity VISA which allowed that Uzbeki National into the country. Islam is a cult, a dangerous cult--and the Democratic Party is complicit in allowing this rampant terrorism within our nation's borders.

This is an explicitly racist, unfounded commercial.

I called the Latino Victory Fund in DC directly, and I told them that I will double down on my support for Ed Gillespie and ensure he gets as much support and donations as possible. Yes, indeed.

Apparently, Gillespie's donation numbers tripled after this offensive commercial. Can you say "backfire"?

Yes--and I submit that for that reason only did the Latino Victory Fund pull that commercial.

What a victory! I suspect that Gillespie is going to trounce Northam on Election Day--and Democrats will have another crushing defeat on their hands!

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