Thursday, November 2, 2017

Maine GOP Exposes Maine Dems' Fearmongering (No Medicaid Expansion)

Good morning,

As we spend our last few days fighting harmful Medicaid Expansion, the Democrats are using fear-mongering and lack of information to derail us. Please see their message below to look at how they scare their people into Big Government.

We are working to fight Question 2 so:

  • The State of Maine does not accrue additional debt
  • Our hospitals can keep paying their bills and retain their staff
  • Maine's most needy population is top-priority and taken care of
  • People who are able to take care of themselves are encouraged to do so
  • Take away the need to raise our taxes in future years

We, as Maine Republicans, know this all too well because Maine has expanded Medicaid and we have lived through it. Governor LePage came in and paid off over $183,000,000 in hospital debt. Maine's most vulnerable with disabilities were put on the waiting lists as young, capable adults were taken care of by the government first.

And Maine cannot afford to go through that again.

Thank you,

The Maine GOP Team

From: "Maine Democratic Party" <>
Date: November 2, 2017 at 10:27:53 AM EDT
Subject: They Aren't Even Being Subtle.
On Saturday, the Maine Republican Party is holding a “Day of Action” to block Medicaid Expansion in Maine. Their supporters will go door-to-door spreading fear and misinformation in order to convince Maine people to vote against a referendum that would extend life-saving health care to tens of thousands, create jobs, and help Maine fight the devastating opioid epidemic.

Democratic legislators have already passed Medicaid Expansion five different times, while Republican Governor LePage vetoed the expansion each and every time. 
Mainers have the chance to stop LePage's health care sabotage, but the Maine GOP is working hard to make sure that doesn't happen. Help us advance affordable health care in Maine by chipping in $100, $36, or $10 today.

Our organizing team is knocking on doors and making phone calls to expand Medicaid for thousands of Mainers. But we need your help to elect Democrats who will keep working to improve healthcare for all Maine families.

Help us elect Democrats who will fight for affordable, accessible health care today! 

Ashley McCurry

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