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The Real Roy Moore Scandal: The Fearful Conservative Punditry Class

Judge Roy Moore was the victim of yet another media smear.

First, the Washington Post claimed that he had misused charity donations.

Now they are claiming that he had engaged in an illicit relationship with a minor. The timing of this story is suspect, certainly, and so is the source.

What has really saddened me, however, is that key conservative US Senators are now backing away from Judge Roy. Steve Daines and Mike Lee had endorsed him, and now they are retracting the endorsements. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania has asked for Moore to step aside, too, even though there is no evidence of any crime.

The Washington Post published similar hit pieces against Candidate Trump during Election 2016, and even The "GrabberGate Tape" didn't stop him. He apologized, then sided with the five women abused by the Clinton Machine, then took down Hillary on Election Day.

What is the matter with these conservatives? Don't they have any backbone left? They stand behind their podiums or they write on their computers, and then they cut and run at the first sign of trouble. has spent an inordinate amount of time reporting the allegations. How about reporting on them, too? Are they true? Has anyone bothered to look into them?

But before all of that, I want to go after the comments of one of's editors, Guy Benson. He is openly gay, thus he's pro-LGBT. Of course, he is going to have a significant problem with Judge Roy Moore.

Check out his initial remarks when Moore when the primary runoff in August:

I've never voted for a Democrat in my life, but Republicans sporadically tempt me to do so. Once the GOP nominated disgraced former judge Roy Moore to fill Jeff Sessions' Senate seat, I started to ponder -- as a thought experiment -- how I would vote in the upcoming special general election if I lived in Alabama.

Really? He would vote for a Democrat rather than Judge Roy?


He signals his disgust with Moore's stance to defend the Ten Commandments placed on display in a judicial building. Moore was removed from the bench a second time because he refused to comply with the gay marriage from the United States Supreme Court in 2015.

And your point is? The basic foundation for our political culture is the Decalogue. What's wrong with disregarding the abusive statutes which undermine our Constitutional government? There is nothing wrong with principled rebellion. The rule of law is based on the Judeo-Christian ethic, all of which connected to a regard for Divine Providence and His natural law. An unjust law is no law at all, and any statutes which insist on removing every mention of God and His Divine authority must be disregarded.

Yes, Judge Moore has also declared that homosexual conduct should be illegal. He has also shared that Muslims should not serve in Congress. I am not included to criminalize through legal statute homosexual conduct between consenting adults. These are destructive behaviors, no doubt, but I am not sure that the domain of the state should step into regulating these matters.

I do believe that the government should ensure the unity and primacy of the nuclear family. Gay marriage rulings do not do that. Furthermore, Islam should no longer be classified as a benign religion, but rather a dangerous, radical political cult, one which requires confrontation and exposure, not accommodation and acceptance.

Judge Roy is rough around the edges? Fine with me. We do not need politesse anymore in Washington. We need to fight for our culture and our country. There is no excuse for inching away from this conflict. Yet conservatives like Ben Shapiro, Guy Benson, and others seem more intent on making nice than doing right.

The idea that people should vote for a left-wing Marxist to represent the state of Alabama is just horrific to contemplate. But check out Guy's remarks again:

But for me personally, Moore is still a bridge too far.

WOW! That's original (Not!):
Of course, we all know that Corker was another swamp creature more interested in going after Trump than fighting the communist-leaning Democrats and upholding our constitutional government.

I'm a constitutional conservative who believes in limited government.  Moore picks and chooses which bits of the constitution he'll respect, and advocates Statist, big brother, bedroom-intruding policies.  

These statements are a bridge too far. He is looking for some way to justify his personal sexual preferences, which in turn were codified by judicial fiat through legal rulings which were in effect unconstitutional!

As a member of the LGBT community who doesn't feel compelled to prioritize "gay issues" above other major public policy questions, I can reconcile pulling the lever for candidates who favor a traditional definition of marriage, but who also represent my values on other important questions.  (I happen believe the cultural debate over same-sex marriage is moving toward obsolescence).  Moore's retrograde intolerance, by contrast, is appalling and disqualifying for me.  

It's not disqualifying for me. Not at all. In fact, I like that Moore is taking on and getting busy in fighting the culture wars. We need a political movement in Washington DC that will not just take power from Washington DC but fight to allow the Judeo-Christian culture to thrive again!

Call me selfish, but I could not justify voting for somebody who would have me incarcerated for who I am.  Call me myopic, but I could not justify voting for somebody who would rip families apart explicitly due to a parent's "inherent[ly] evil" sexuality.  

You are being selfish, Guy. Homosexuality is evil. People are not "Gay". It's a behavior, not a genetic component of one's identity. Simple as that. The behavior is intrinsically evil, and it's time for family leaders and parents to take a stance on this fact. 

Yet in spite of all this, Benson cannot run away from a fundamentally powerful reason why we need Judge Roy in DC:

Knocking him for correctly stating that our fundamental constitutional rights stem from God, not from government, is a telling misfire.  In this case, Moore echoed the explicit beliefs of our founding fathers, who spoke the "self-evident" truth that human beings are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. 

This profound truth is worth voting for, worth fighting for, land Roy Moore took this battle on and won on CNN against corrupt left-wing news anchor Chris Cuomo:

Now, where else have we seen the conservative punditry class cave or welch on Judge Roy Moore and run at the whiff of trouble?

Drudge Report has been pushing the scandalous information published in the New York Times and the Washington Post as high-profile reporting. Why? The Washington Post has become thoroughly discredited with its unhesitant bias. There is no reason to justify these reports as true.

I went back to the Drudge Report website today. Matt Drudge has printed nothing about the revelations that falsehoods upon falsehoods are being heaped on the report from the once-14 year old who now claims that Moore approached her inappropriately. The mother of this woman has discredited key parts of the story, too! Why haven't you linked about this information, Matt?

He's gay, and like many socially liberal types, they don't want these staunch conservatives carrying the day in any election. They would rather see him lose. Such a shame.

Then there's, with its only Trump Derangement syndrome. They just won't acknowledge that Trump has done more for the conservative movement and cause, especially in regards to restoration of our rights coming from God and not from the state. Executive orders have reduced the prosecution and persecution power of the federal government to infringe on the natural rights of citizens.

The latest story on RedState focused on one poll after the Washington Post hit piece. Doug Jones is registered four points ahead of Moore, but the details of the latest poll outline that the Moore voters are more likely to vote for him. Why go out of the way to shame Moore and sham readers with the pretense that Moore is in big trouble? He's not.

Then there's NeverTrumper Jonah Goldberg. Wow, has this guy lost his edge or what? Check out his arrogant riposte to the outrage fomenting among Middle Americans fed up with the permanent Washington Political class:

My indictment of the elites — at least for the purposes of the point I want to make here — is not that they are too snobbish, it’s that they’re not snobbish enough. It’s not that they’re too powerful, it’s that they’ve gelded themselves. Conservatives used to mock leftists and liberals for being “prolier than thou.” Plagued with guilt over their economic privilege, lefty eggheads and politicians would pretend to be regular Joes, all in an effort to leach authenticity from the masses that they wanted to boss around for their own good.

This indictment based on class distinctions is precisely the problem, and it's come about because of encroaching left-wing dogma. It's time to stand up to this and not allow a permanent political class to dictate which rights we can enjoy, and which rights we have to give up. Appeals and fights for national sovereignty do not imply a devolution to abject populism.

Not at all--at least Goldberg has admitted that he is a snob, and now we understand his unfounded hatred for Trump.

But serious thinking is a thing in short supply these days. When I called for conservatives to disassociate themselves from Judge Roy Moore, the response from so many Bannonistas was depressing in its vacuity. 

The real vacuity is that Goldberg, another member of the conservative of the punditry class, does not want to acknowledge that a multi-millionaire reality TV star who went bankrupt yet bounced back has done more for the conservative movement than most of the editorial intelligentsia.

And then they see someone like Moore and conclude that the Republican Party brand might get dragged down. The truth is that he will be one fewer representative in Washington DC who will do just what he is told. He has no problem fighting against the political games on both sides of the aisle. We need more of that, not less.

Goldberg ultimately concludes that a rising resurgence of "fighter" has replaced the fight for conservatism. Those charges are unfounded. Roy Moore has made explicit statements on issues, sure, but his regard for Divine pre-eminence and natural law is consistent with constitutional rule. He brings back to the forefront the cultural issues which this country needs to fight for. The Judeo-Christian ethic is essential for the United States to stand strong, like a City on a Hill. Goldberg has not hid his disdain for Moore: Saving Roy Moore Isn’t Worth It.

Yes, he is.

So, what is it with these conservative pundits? Why are they getting all weak in the knees? Why do they cut and run or want to throw Judge Roy Moore under the bus so quickly?

They are NeverTrumpers, for the most part. They have no interest in getting their hands dirty, spilling their own metaphorical blood, if you will. In a previous editorial, shortly after Romney's 2012 loss, Goldberg was floating the idea that Republicans should not begin their meeting with a prayer to God in Jesus' name. Huh? How does running away from the Judeo-Christian heritage of this country do any good for Republicans or for the country? They are not principled conservatives, in the sense that they do not want to lose their lucrative careers and stance on the pundit and lecture circuit. They do not want to sacrifice their elite style and persona, either.

Judge Moore puts them to shame on many levels, as Jeremy Frichtel writes for Daily Wire

Moore stands only for principle and doing the right thing. Most Americans have a negative view of politicians because of McConnell and his ilk, and that is why we must rally around anyone the D.C. swamp opposes. Because that is the perfect litmus test for who will fight for all Americans, for liberty, for the Constitution, and not K-Street and D.C. politics.

It is for this reason that I have strongly endorsed Moore for the special election scheduled tomorrow, and urge anyone reading this in Alabama to go out and vote for him.

This kind of conviction is essential in today's politics, something that conservative groups and Republican elected officials have lacked for the last thirty years. If we want to stand up to the Saul Alinksy-ite hordes, we need to fight, not just spout of conservative pleasantries with nothing to show for it.

The conservative punditry class is indeed fearful, full of self-righteousness, still worried about the liberal mainstream media and the smears that tumble out of their presses to smear conservatives. They are part of an old guard of Republicans who have believed for decades that one day, the liberal media will let them sit at the Cool Kids Table--as long as they sacrifice their party's beliefs, betray their constituents, and just go along with the Potomac Two-Step in Washington DC.

Roy Moore will challenge all that, and I am hoping all the MOORE that he wins the US Senate race in December!

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