Sunday, November 12, 2017

LA County for Trump Celebrates Veterans Day at LAX

LA County for Trump has enjoyed a growing measure of peace and respect in our county.

President Trump has been in office now for nearly a year. He is not going anywhere, folks, and all the hatred from the Left is not helping their case.

If they illegal alien hordes insist on overrunning the US Senate building. If Antifa thugs continue to attack and threaten law-abiding citizens, rest assured that Trump will roar back into power with stronger majorities in Congress and in the United States Senate.

We are thrilled to celebrate our President, right in the heart of the Los Angeles International Airport!


Check out our incredible photo gallery, too!

Randi Berger has great new Trump gear for sale!

We had the Crazy Russian Jew for Trump celebrate his victory, too!

Trump supporters came out to play today!

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