Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Shame on Cut-And-Run Conservatives: Stand With Judge Roy

Rising accusations of sexual assault, abuse, and child molestation are (thankfully) bringing creepy Hollywood to its knees. We should rejoice, since these stories have been documented and released to the public at great length. But do we automatically stand by our men or our team when someone issues allegations against people whom we have trusted or look up to? Ben Shapiro has warned conservatives about partisan responses to allegations of sexual abuse. I agree.

Judge Roy Moore has been rocked, targeted with serious allegations of sexual abuse, including with minors. Are these accusations true? Will they sink his campaign? Sexual misconduct is wrong, whether the criminal is a Democrat or a Republican, and anyone who commits such terrible acts should be in public office. When former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was exposed as a child molester who was bribing his victims with hush money, I joined with Republicans around the country denouncing him.

 But we need to investigate accusations, not rush to conclusions.  Leviticus outlines the proper stance on moral contagion. No priest pronounced anyone “unclean” with leprosy after the first allegation, but at least three checks took place before a formal declaration. Take accusations seriously, but investigate them whether they are true or not. No one should arbitrarily appease every charge of sexual abuse. Liberal Democrat Alan Dershowitz was accused of sexual misconduct last year. He denied it flatly, settled a defamation lawsuit in his favor, and the world moved on.

With clear standards on these matters established, let’s also acknowledge that the corrupt media has a deliberate penchant for going after Republicans over even the hint of impropriety. The mainstream media equated Todd Akin and his “legitimate rape” comment with Anthony Weiner’s sexting. Akin is not in jail, while Weiner just reported to prison for sexting a minor. By the way, it had taken three weeks of repeated pressure from Andrew Breitbart before former Congressman Weiner admitted to his social media perversion. Contrast that media slow-walk with a New York Republican was caught sexting. He was immediately chastised by the press and forced to step down.

There is a double-standard in the media when it comes to these allegations. The press will “report first, question later” with Republicans. With Democrats, they question repeatedly and try to stave off any coverage when the Democrat is indeed guilty. The liberal media is a Republican Reputation Shredding machine, searching and destroying conservatives any way possible. Sadly, Republicans are still cutting and running, this time because of a WaPo hit piece.

Despite the liberal media bias, let’s look at these allegations. The first major accuser is Leigh Corfman, who claimed that Moore made sexual advances on her when she was 14. The Washington Post tried to round Moore out as some kind of teenage predator, but three of the four women in the article were of legal age, even if their stories were true. Corfman’s story has begun to fall apart under closer examinationAnother exclusive shows some journalistic malpractice, as reporters urged Corfman to “come forward”. Then we find that these accusers are hard-core Democratic operatives, one of whom offered sign language services for the Hilary Clinton campaign.

Then there’s Beverly Nelson, who ran to Mrs. (Democrat) Gloria Allred, claiming that Moore had assaulted her, too. First, the press conference is total acting. This body-language researcher points out how rehearsed she is. I noticed that Nelson wiped tears from the outer corners of her eyes. The tear ducts are near the inner corners. She’s acting. Nelson claims that Moore used the child-proof locks to keep her in the car when he attempted to assault her. The assault occurred in in 1977, but child-proof locks were not installed in cars until the 1980s! HELLO! As for the yearbook that Moore signed. That’s proof of an illicit relationship, right? Wrong—that signature is a total forgery. Moore has issued vehement denials, threatening to sue the Washington Post for libel.

Once again, if Roy Moore is an abuser, he needs to go. But upon investigation, it’s not adding up. The timing, the purported evidence—and the lack thereof—combined with the distorted credibility (if any) of the Washington Post all suggest that these attacks on Moore are the worst smear job yet in American politics.

I wish that more people in elected office had the courage to stand their ground—just like the priests in Ancient Israel—and investigate before shouting “Unclean! Unclean!”

So, what is going on , then? All of a sudden, Moore is more than the US Senate can handle? Chuck Todd called out the “orchestrated” response from Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had said: “I believe the women.” Why? Their statements and evidence are questionable. Rush Limbaugh has called on the Establishment Swamp  for this multifaceted, multi-media hit job. Limbaugh was clear-cut about what’s going on, and I agree with him.

There is more evidence that the liberal media and the squishy GOP leader in the US Senate are running a smear campaign than the narrative that Judge Roy Moore is the Republican version of Gerry Studds. The fact that so many officials are just jumping ship, when the voters of Alabama and Republican Assemblies in the South are standing with Judge Roy should go to show how much the grassroots conservatives are fed up with the Potomac two-stop and want champions fighting for their causes, rather than placating the press and the K Street lobbyists.

Unlike Chris McDaniel in Mississippi’s US Senate race three years ago, Moore has been elected twice to statewide office, then beat an incumbent in the primary, despite millions spent against him. Beholden to no one, he defends this country’s Judeo-Christian heritage. Moore is the very thing that Washington DC fears, Democrat and Republican. I am disgusted with the DC cowards. Shame on the cut-and-run Republicans. President Trump overcame the same massive media smears, but everyone else (include conservative media!) caves rather than confronts the media.  I stand with Judge Roy! 


  1. Presumption of innocence totally disregarded by THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Typical of their hipp

  2. I had childproof locks installed in my Ford Torino in 1973/4~