Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Drudge Report Fail: Publishes Fake News About Moore


The election of Donald J. Trump smoked out all the fake news of the liberal mainstream.

But the election of Judge Roy Moore is now smoking out the Fake News of the right and the conservative media that has been more interested in making money and touring the lecture circuit instead of fighting for life, family, and the Judeo-Christian ethic which makes this country great.

I will publish Fake News
Because I hate Judge Roy!

Matt Drudge is a homosexual, as is Guy Benson of Town Hall.

We also know that the National Review has become distant, out-of-touch, and elitist because of Trump. Their derangement is legendary, and finally Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak had to fight back.

But what Drudge has reduced his page to is pretty disconcerting. He is absolutely obsessed with taking down Judge Roy Moore.

Check out the headlines that he posted today on his website:


Drudge calls Judge Roy Moore a "whore"?

That kind of rhetoric is not just offensive, it's completely nonsensical. None of the false allegations have alleged that he was selling himself with sexual favors.

Not funny, and not true.

What is the matter with Drudge? His whole identity is under attack, perhaps, since Judge Roy Moore does not endorse homosexuality or gay marriage as a civil right. There is nothing wrong with Moore's stance on the matter. 

None. The Supreme Court went way too far with the Obergefell decision on gay marriage, redefining liberty as a benefit from the government, rather than a status apart from the state. That legal reasoning was completely unreasonable and needs to be challenged. Moore was right.

What's worse, though, is that Drudge links to a story from The Daily Beast, which has been thoroughly discredited as a left-wing shill rag. What is going on here? Why not feature articles about President Trump's return and his upcoming major announcements? Why not talk about the attempt nuclear power grab in Congress to limit the power of President Trump--just because they don't like him?

Nope. Drudge has got "Smear Roy Moore" on the brain, no doubt, and he is citing Fake News at great length to take him down. This is pretty shameful, I must say, and I am now more likely to say away from Drudge Report if he keeps this anti-Moore hate going.

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  1. Drudge lost credibility for me when he slammed Ted Cruz in the primary last year. He mocked Cruz for his Christian faith, for people laying hands on him and praying.