Thursday, November 2, 2017

New Jersey Press in the Tank for Murphy? (Single-Payer Problems)

The media doesn't hide the biases anymore.

The New Jersey Press in greater measure is totally in the tank for Sanctuary State, Goldman Sachs Murphy.

Check out this tweet from one of the reporters fro

The song and dance that I got from the reporter, who has his cellphone number listed on his Twitter feed, is that Guadagno has been looking for any way possible to drag down Murphy's chances.

The sanctuary state proposal is really hurting him.

The talk about turning New Jersey into a single-payer country, too.

The reporter mentioned that such a proposal is beyond ludicrous, since there is no way the state could afford it. Reportedly, Murphy acknowledges that it's a great idea, and indeed, health care is a right to the Left.

But even though the progressives tried and failed to pass single payer in Vermont, the truth is that a gubernatorial candidate who runs on turning his home state into a sanctuary state will have no qualms about pursuing single-payer health care.

He will bury the Garden State without thinking twice about costs.

And the press doesn't care.

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