Tuesday, November 14, 2017

More DACA Sob Story Fails: "My Permit Has Run Out" TOO BAD!

The eblasts have grown more desperate.

I do not care. DACA should have never been implemented. The sob stories end now. Blame Barack Obama for lying to you, young illegals, when he rolled out this DACA program, which should have never been enacted in the first place.

I don't care about how hard it is for you and your family here in the United States. This country, just like every country, has a responsiblity to its citizens, not to illegals, regardless of how they were brought here.

Check out the latest eblast, and let this reality sink in:

The United States has been placed on notice, and the American people demand that their government put the needs of Americans first, foremost, and final.

Two months ago, when Trump terminated DACA, I cried in the bathroom at my job. Thanks to DACA, I was able to support my family-- for 6 months my dad was injured and unable to work, and my mom found work wherever she could. Once my DACA expires, I don’t know how I’ll support my family. I have less than a year left of my work permit and thousands have also already started losing their DACA protections. That’s why I am ready to take action along them on today’s National Call-in Day:
When I turned 16, I applied for DACA and joined United We Dream Houston. My fear turned into motivation. Now I have less than 365 days before my DACA expires. We must make sure a clean Dream Act passes. I need you to make a call not only for me and my family, but for over 800,000 immigrant youth who have started to lose their protection from deportation. The clock is ticking and Congress needs to take action to protect immigrant youth now.
Undocumented, unafraid and #HereToStay,
Alondra and the rest of the team at United We Dream

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