Monday, November 13, 2017

Clinton Buddy Sharifa Alkhateeb: "Sharia Is The Goal. Taqiyya Is The Method."


This video comes from C-SPAN, recorded in 1989.

The plan for taking over the United States to become Islamic has been long in coming.

Muslim communities are taught to seek peace when their numbers are small, to demand defense when their numbers grow, and then to take over when their numbers are strong.

Check out this diligent Muslim, Sharifa Alkhateeb.

She did not mince words.

This radical Muslim announced her plan to make the entire United States of America Muslim.

What is this?

This is madness. This is evil.

Islam is a dangerous, destructive cult. There is no First Amendment protections for a cult which kills people and steals their property, all in the name of "God".

It's time to put aside all political correctness, and its time for us to stand our ground on this country's powerful, welcome Judeo-Christian heritage.

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