Monday, May 5, 2014

Torrance City Council Race: Aurelio Mattucci

Aurelio Mattucci
Over the past week, I have reached out to the candidates whom I believe would best serve the city of Torrance and should be elected to the city council on June 3rd.

Aurelio Mattucci responded to these questions:

1. Why are you running for city council this year? Did you ever plan on running for office before?
I grew up in a politically active household.  Politics have been a common topic at the dinner table as far back as I can remember.  As a child I always admired individuals that made things happen.  My father is one of those people.  Even though he is 76 years young, he goes to work six days a week.  He always tells me that hard work is the only way to ever make things happen.  I always wanted to be part of government, make things happen and represent the people.  One of the phrases that stick most with me is "government of the people, by the people, for the people", I truly believe in those words. When I heard that two council seats were going to be vacated I immediately started thinking this is a sign.  I asked my wife what she thought about me running and she told me go for it.  So I am going for it.
2.  You were a registered Republican. Why did you switch affiliation to Decline to State?
A couple of years ago I was audited by the IRS.  The first thing the auditor said when he walked in to my office was, " You know what I hate about you Republicans?, you think just because you provide a few jobs you feel you don't have to pay taxes".  At first I was mad then I got worried.  I soon decided to change to "Independent" to avoid further issues.  I've since resolved most of those issues and since then I truly believe our administration is going after conservatives.  It was a great reason to get into politics and a sad story to tell.
I found this revelation particularly disturbing. Imagine an IRS official threatening to shake you down just because of your political affiliation. Other unseemly realities have been reported in connection with the IRS, too, like the targeting of specific non-profits. Covered California also tried to register enrollees as Democrats, as well.
3. Tell us about your prior professional/political experience and how they can help the City of Torrance?
I've been involved in a few elections.  I've helped conservatives and moderates into office.  I have seen the ugly side of politics first hand.  I have to say that in the last two years I've met some of the most amazing people and I have no regrets. 
Please tell us about your private sector experience plus any public sector work.
I am the co-founder of Mattucci Plumbing, a service company still in business after 25 years.  I am also the broker/owner of Mattucci Real Estate and the founder of the Mattucci Project a volunteer community improvement organization that has picked up over 10 tons of trash and weeds and the founder  Torrance Small Business Alliance.
What plans do you have to assist seniors while also making Torrance a vibrant city for young people and future families moving it?
The following is a business development plan I have for bringing in more businesses and also helping out our existing ones.  At the end I have ideas as to how we can improve public transportation for our seniors.
Some highlights from Mattucci's business plan include:
1.      Lower the business license tax to a flat $99 a year for businesses that have less than 5 employees or annual gross revenue not exceeding $500,000.
2.      Waive the business license tax for the first year on any new business.
3.      Streamline the permitting process and allow applications to initiate online.
4.      Lower our permit fees by 25% across the board
5.      Eliminate the annual “Fire Inspection Fee” on businesses under 5 employees or under 2,000 square feet of space.
1.      Our Economic Development Department needs to reach out to business owners and not wait for them to contact them.  One thing we need to keep in mind is that most self-employed have issues with time, not enough of it.  When I met with Fran Fulton from this department I was happy to see that they were taking a proactive approach to contacting business owners, but had very low turnouts. I suggested a door to door campaign and workshops set up inside the business owners’ locations. 
2.      In addition we need to tap into the multi-million dollar resource we have just a few miles away, The Port of Los Angeles.  We need to reach out to the thousands of multinational companies that utilize the Port of Los Angeles and invite them to our city. We have over 1 million square feet of available space in Torrance.  Filling this space will generate the much needed revenue we’ve been waiting for.  Incentives need to be put in place to induce new growth.  Most business growth is in relocation and not new business.  We need to remind ourselves that it’s easier to lose a business than it is to attract one. The incentives should include waiving permit fees and business licensing fees for the first year.  This will stir up growth within the city and revenue will be balanced by the added jobs. 
3.      If we want to be a business friendly city, we need to show the public the difference between us and neighboring cities.  Yes, we have over 400 world headquarters in Torrance and that is remarkable, but being number 1 takes constant efforts. Our reputation in the business environment is not as favorable as public officials try to tell us.

Improvements to our public transportation should include:
·         Better signage and route maps at our bus stops
·         Senior programs should include a $30 a month unlimited Torrance Transit Pass
·         Increase the number of routes to capture a higher number of 55+ housing complexes
·         Longer hours of operation
Funding for these additional programs can be generated with private advertising and or sponsorships.  Bottom line we need to take care of the issues and take care of them now.

4. What measures, reforms, and policies would you implement on a city level to bring in more business and increase economic activity in the City of Torrance?
See my Business Plan above.
5. What concerns do you have about crime and public safety in Torrance?
The biggest of concerns is the fact that we are spending 60% of our budget on public safety.  In addition, we know that AB109 has had an impact on our safety.  I believe that the best tool for fighting crime is public involvement.  We need to strengthen our Business Watch and Neighborhood Watch Programs.  After finding out that my area had no neighborhood watch program, I went ahead and became an area captain.  Our first meeting attracted over fifty local residents.
6. There are growing revelations about the city's massive pension liabilities -- $400 million, an online reports confirm that at least 600 city employees out of 200 are earning at least $100,000 a year in total compensation (per 2012 data). What reforms or steps do you support to deal with these massive pension liabilities?
Some of my fellow candidates refuse to believe that Torrance will end up in Bankruptcy in the near future if we don't make drastic changes to our spending.  The pension issue is larger than we think.  It is estimated that within the next decade we will be at $1 billion in unfunded liabilities.  Changes in the pay structure need to happen across the board.  I would start with the highest paid and work your way down.  We have police officers making close to 50% more than our secret service agents protecting the President with their lives.  I refuse to fall for the notion that great officers come at a big price.  We can still offer decent career options without going bankrupt and or having to cut other programs that benefit the community.
Finally, one candidate who is not ignoring this pressing concern. Pension obligations are bad enough, but when the Wall Street Journal reports to a national audience that your city's pension liabilities far exceed revenue expectations, comprehensive reforms cannot be ignored.
7. How have residents and prospective voters responded to your campaign?  
My whole platform revolves around the fact that we need to take back control of our government.  The people have been left out of many equations.  This is partly due to the fact that voter turnouts are notoriously low.  I have been getting much support from both sides of the aisle.  My message is to encourage unity.  It's not a matter of Right or Left, it's a matter of Right or Wrong.
Mattucci has outlined specific plans, along with prior business and real estate experience to boot.
He would be a welcome voice and vote on the Torrance City Council, which will experience one of the most comprehensive turn-overs in city leadership in decades, if not ever.
Torrance voters need to look for leaders who are connected but not entrenched, who recognize the importance of the public interest without giving in to special interests or labor unions, whether local or statewide. Mattucci strikes me as one of a number of candidates with public knowledge as well as private experience that will best serve the growing needs of the city of Torrance.

On June 3, vote for Aurelio for Torrance City Council.

(Visit his blog here)


  1. This artice settles it. I am voting for Mattucci. He seems to know what the problems are for this city and has good solutions for them. The pension issue is certainly the biggest problem facing us and he is not burying his head in the sand like Mr. Pension Envy Furey. This problem needs to be solved now if not the bankruptcy court will do it for us and we might not like that solution.

  2. An email exchange with Aurelio Mattucci:
    Mattucci: I have no idea who he is, I just answered questions he emailed me.
    Me: just surprised to see a guy running for office on a local crackpot's blog.
    Mattucci: Thank you. I went to his blog after I sent you the email. I see what you're talking about.

    Think I'll ask the other candidates...

    1. More coming...

    2. Arthur, you have every right to express your views online and I see that you have no problem expressing your opinions and facts. I have been contacted by a couple people saying I'm crazy for even talking to you. That just proves we live in a society of hypocrites. We want freedom of speech but just as long as you don't write anything that goes against liberal views. I have answered questions to Liberal Groups, Conservatives, Moderates etc. I believe we should express our views and beliefs without having people attack you from either side. To Anonymous, you threatened me to tell all your friends who to vote for. Your behavior truly exposes the fact that you don't believe in freedom of speech. Art does write some extremist blogs, but that is his right as an American. Please try to respect that. Also, if you have a problem with someone's blog... then why are you reading it? You trying to cause trouble is very immature and hateful. Try to put your efforts in Improving our situation in Torrance and not so much as to what Art or anyone else writes. We have far bigger issues in Torrance like the fact we will go Bankrupt if we don't fix our pension issue. I got to know Art today and he is writing what he feels is relevant to our issues. I don't see an issue with that. If you don't like it, don't read it. Pretty simple.

    3. Well, Aurelio, I'll make sure the "society of hypocrites" I know in Torrance--AKA "registered voters"--shys away from supporting you. You seem quite thin-skinned and Fox Newsy. The "us vs. them" think is pretty unattractive in local small city politics. BTW, thanks for your reading list recommendations. I like toying with tools like Art; it's important to counter crazy voices within one's own community.

    4. Well, I actually watch both Fox and CNN. I respect your right to free speech, and I invite you to do the same. We have elections so that voters can choose who best fits their criteria of a good representative. It's obvious I haven't made a fan out of you. I'm sorry you feel the way you do towards me. I'm actually a pretty cool guy if you actually took the time to get to know me. Again, I may not agree with what you say but I do respect your right to speak up.

    5. Same here, Aurelio. Good luck.

    6. I watched the North Torrance Homeowners Association City Council Forum. You stole that Secret Service comment from Dr. Tabakian! That shows your level of integrity, which is none! I did some digging and discovered that Dr. Tabakian is or was an intelligence officer and high level trainer! He never made this statement publicly, which proves his humility. Compared to your lack of integrity and desire to promote your unsuccessful status! It makes sense now why Dr. Tabakian despises Tim Goodrich! It show why Dr. Tabakian hates anti-government nuts like Arthur! No one understood why, but I will make them aware now. During the forum Dr. Tabakian asked people to Google everyone's name so I did. Arthur is an example of a journalist who does not do their due diligence!

  3. Hi Arthur, can you help me spread the word on the Torrance Small Business Alliance?

  4. Disgusting to see various Torrance candidates willfully appear on the blog of a supporter of the racist Donald Sterling--the same fringe blogger who engages in the character assassination of their fellow Torrance candidate who happens to be anti-war. Nice to see you idiots have leaned your right-wing talk radio lessons so well while exhibiting the craven stupidity of rookies acting like deer in the headlights.

    1. Earl, you really do spend a lot of time bashing this blog. I do think you could be your own blogger and write about things that you'd like to promote. Bashing someone's views and or actions doesn't reinforce your message one bit. Google Blogger is free and open to anyone with an opinion. I'm just tired of seeing your messages filled with hatred. I'm assuming you are also calling me a stupid rookie. Not very American of you. I do hope you and I can meet someday so I can show you that we are not a bunch of deer's in the headlights. I also believe in free speech and you fall into that category, but your posts are quite annoying and plain out ignorant. The only thing I suggest is that you stop reading Art's Blog. As we may not agree politically, you can at least respect his page as his opinion, good or not it's still his right. Right wing, Left wing.....don't like the show, change the channel. I know you thrive on people reacting to your comments, but please... Just let it go and stop posting the same comment over and over. It's just not informative anymore, just hateful.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Aurelio, this anonymous character has no courage and no class, apparently, and it appears that he has a running current of anti-Italian prejudice, too. Does that make him racist? Good question. . . Still, I hope that he takes you up on your offer to have a cup of coffee and see that you support free markets, free enterprise, and free people.

  5. Don't mind Earl. He doesn't know who his father is, such is the reason for his entrenched embitterment. Insecurity in the face of a changing media world, where people are free to speak the truth in spite of Big Media - that scares liberals so used to shaming people into silence. Yet the shame no longer works.

    Thanks again, Aurelio, for your kind words.

    1. Keep supporting fascists for office! Show your true colors! Mattucci runs to push his real estate empire! How many door hangers does this guy push? Desperado begs fascists like Huey for endorsements!

    2. Hello Anonymous. Fascist? Is this because of me being Italian? I love our Freedom and our Country. Door hangers are just a way of getting my name out there. I think you are proof that they work. I invite you for a cup of coffee to talk about how we can all work together in making Torrance a better place. I'm not such a bad guy after all.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Another endorsed candidate from the racist supporting Craig Huey.

    1. I don't wear braces, I wear glasses. Silly!

    2. Says the psycho with 10 heads in the fridge.