Saturday, May 24, 2014

Munger Hunger for the CA GOP

According to party leaders near and dear to me, Charlie Munger Jr. currently controls the California Republican Party.

There is also a blog out there, the Munger Games, which is blasting his corrupting, illiberal influence on the state party to make it more left-leaning.

He and one of the state party leaders, Harmeet Dhillon tried to sue the writers of the Munger Games, but to no avail.

Munger does not like it when people criticize him behind pseudonyms and anonymous blogs.

Charles Munger Jr.

Fine then, Mr. Munger.

I will not hide behind any anonymous blog posts.

What you see, what I write, I will not run from, and you will plainly see who I am and what I am writing.

This party, this state, is not for sale.

The Republican Party cannot be a viable force in any way if the party chooses to be as left-leaning as the Democratic Party.

As George Will commented shortly after the first inauguration of the Obama Administration, we have two parties in this country for a reason.

As Charles Krauthammer had commented after the 2012 elections, the United States does not need two liberal (in name only) parties.

Who are you to use your inheritance to push a political party to the left?

Why are you dedicated to one party rule in the state of California?

What's the point of voting for Democrat-lite when Democrat-full is the real deal?

There is no fiscal conservatism without moral principles, Charlie.

Relativity belongs in physics, not politics, Mr. Munger, so get out of this hollow business of telling the Republican rank and file, the grassroots, and even the Establishment voters with slightly more sense whom they should support.

Instead of attacking Republicans, why don't you start educating people about the dangers of moral relativism? How about denouncing the corrosive progressivism which defines today's Democratic Party, as well as the immoral extent of the union lobby in Sacramento, in public education, and in our business communities?

One again, your expertise in physics (and spending your father's money) has falsely impressed on you the notion that you can dictate the proper dictates of a political party.

No, Mr. Munger, your hunger for power and influence is making the influence of Republican power absolutely powerless.

Did you tell Chairman Brulte to take union money, or is he telling you to support these "centrist" candidates to help create a "New Majority" (more like a permanent minority).

And what is with that stupid tie? Really?

Opposites attract, and every action will cause an equal and opposite reaction.

That's what physics should have taught you, and the same does apply to politics.

There may be multiple dimensions in the laboratory or college chalkboard, there may be worlds enough and time to debate the best ideas and platforms.

But in the real world, the limited three dimensions where no one has the time or energy for the insanity of doing the same thing over and over, right decisions must be made decisively.

The limits of time and space also inspire us to make the most of what we have, and make the best for those who will come after us. The dignity of choice means respect for life, the sanctity of marriage, the inherit right of self-defense, the power of private property and free trade to promote the most just outcomes, and the need for moral certainties to maintain freedom for natural and naturalized citizens.

It is time to cast the Munger Hunger for the GOP into a black hole.

Time to starve this beast.

Mr. Munger, take your hunger for power and influence somewhere else.

This California Republican and the California Republican Party are not for sale.


  1. AMEN BROTHER - Great Article - Thank You! I look forward to beating Harmeet in Spring 2015 for Vice Chair and I will! This party wiil be returned to We The People!

  2. We need people with moral values. We don't need Democrat-Lite and that's what the GOP establishment amounts to. The Boehners and McConnells have no guts to stand up to the Democrats and that's because the establishment has only one principle and that is to get re-elected. Don't do anything to rock the boat. We need to stand up for Prop. 8, a fetus isn't something we should dump in the trash next to the six pack that created the pregnancy, our kids should be safe in our schools and not have to give a free peep show to the opposite sex in their bathrooms, locker rooms and showers. You can't motivate the conservative base when our candidates are for this left wing nonsense and then throw gasoline on the fire by supporting immigration reform without first securing the border and putting an end to anchor babies. What good are conservative fiscal policies when you have no soul left because you sold it to get elected. I just wonder how many of us will sit on the side and let David Hadley sink or swim all by himself. Maybe I will throw him an anchor.

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  3. We need to do something different, because clearly the Establishment, Charlie Munger way of doing things isn't working. THAT attitude - that you can buy elections and Party direction - is why we have a lousy Governor and a lousy state legislature.

    I am declaring officially, at this moment, whether anyone is listening or not, this Party is no longer for sale. it belongs to the voters who have supported it for so long. We will take back the Party, the state, and this nation for true conservative values. This election is my line in the sand. It will determine whether or not we sink under the morass of garbage dumped on us by monied interests trying to buy the Party, or begin the hard work of taking it back one vote at a time, one volunteer at a time.

    Get out there this week. Walk precincts. Plant lawn signs. Make phone calls. Be a poll observer for your candidate a week from Tuesday. Make it clear that this is an election, not an auction.

    They say this may be a low-turnout election and that this typically benefits Republicans. First of all, let's turn that on its head. Let's make this the largest turn-out mid-term election in California history, and show them Conservatives can win. We have an opportunity to make that happen this time, with all of the animosity there is against Democrat elected officials right now. Let's not let this opportunity go to waste. If you sit back and just let things happen, it will.

    Commit yourself to a conservative, not "Republican," victory on June 3rd. Make this last week count, for yourself, for the state, and for the nation.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I am declaring..." Oh, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! "My line in the sand" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Thanks for the belly laughs!!!!!!!

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  4. Thanks, Karen! I have spread the word. Say No to DeMaio! Kirk Jorgensen for the 52nd!

  5. Am I wrong to surmise that Mr. Munger and his ilk are moles from the Democrats because the Democrats are afraid the outcome of the off-year elections? I'm just wondering.

    1. There may be something to that, Craig. There may indeed be something to that supposition. Thanks for reading and writing.

    2. Oooohhhh, the black helicopters are flying low over Crazy Town today!

  6. Charles Krauthammer, whom you apparently admire, is pretty libertarian when it comes to domestic matters: he supports legalized abortion, embryonic stem cell research, is not opposed to gay marriage being recognized at the state level, supports the teaching of evolution...

    By your standards, though, Charles Krauthammer must be a squish, a RINO, a Democrat-lite and left-leaning. Really?