Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dem George Nakano Endorses Republican Tom Brewer

Democrats who care about their cities, their state, and their country are starting to cross party lines and endorse Republicans. From South Carolina, where a Democratic primary challenger turned around and endorsed Mark Sanford, to leading Democrats in Illinois, where they are lining up behind the Republican Bruce Rauner for governor, Democratic elements want the best politicians and the better policies to restore some prudence and solvency to government.

Democrats are running from Obamacare. They are upset about Benghazi, and they demand that President stop snooping on their cellphones and reading their emails.

Hell is not freezing over. Democrats are waking up to the insider-damage that their leaders have done to their party.

 Now in Torrance, we find Democrats are endorsing Republicans, including George Nakano. Now, the freeze on the Torrance business climate as well as the stagnant infrastructure repairs may be thawing as we speak.

This news cannot be ignored:

Photo: I am very happy to announce that George Nakano, former California State Assemblyman and former Torrance City Councilman, has endorsed me for mayor! Thank you, George.
George Nakano
Democrat George Nakano, former City Council and state Assemblyman, has endorsed Tom Brewer for Mayor.

How does that feel, Pat Furey?!


I believe that more Democrats will start to realize that their party has not only left them, but has also left any semblance of fiscal responsibility.

Torrance does not need more special interest politicians paid for by unions.  The City of Torrance needs leadership that will not make the city residents pay for past leadership failures.

The city needs council members who are not afraid to call out the waste, fraud, and lingering pension liabilities eating up the city while siphoning away funds from much needed infrastructure repairs.

Thank you, Mr. Nakano, for crossing party lines to make the best endorsement for your city.

Thanks again, George!


  1. Torrance has $75K for the city clerk to send out a mailer telling the voters where they can get election information. We have no money to fix the streets, fix the tennis courts at our parks or even celebrate 4th. of July at Wilson Park. We do have millions for the Frank Scotto Soccer Park and for some dumb ass mailer. Please vote for people who aren't endorsed by Scotto, Dee Hardison and their cronies. The warning signs are there. We can either believe the sky is falling or just continue in our clueless ways. When (not if) the city files for bankruptcy these rats will be the first to jump ship. Brewer is the only one with a plan while Furey and Sutherland are just kissing union butt.

  2. Um.. you are supporting Brewer but not supporting those endorsed by Scotto? Brewer is Scotto's guy! Research...

    And what is Tom's plan? I keep hearing he is the only one with a plan... but no word on what that plan is. Do you really trust a highly-paid public employee with a bloated UC pension to reform our pensions? If you do, you are delusional. He is only talking about pensions because none of the unions endorsed him and because it is a good campaign issue.

    Everybody knows that Tom is a liar. Why don't you?

    1. Furey will surprise a lot of people. The best slate is Furey for mayor and Tabakian, Mattucci, Paulson, and Navarro for council. Don't let the union endorsements of Furey fool anyone. The gang of four council candidates made a pact with each other: to wipe out the unfunded $400 million liability without raising taxes. The most vocal is Tabakian. He has no mute button, but we need someone loud, obnoxious, and rude to slam the establishment. Look at the We do not have time to play nice.

    2. The Pat Furey plan is to tell the voters we have "pension envy" and Sutherland wants to raise the local sales tax a quarter of a point. Brewer has a three point plan. We need the legacy employees to pay for some of their pension benefits and just making new hirees pay for their pensions will not solve the pension deficit for another 30 years. Brewer also realizes that we have a salary problem which naturally causes a pension problem. Do you realized the city of Torrance has over 600 employees making over $100K a year? Has Sutherland even said how much revenue his sales tax increase will generate? At least Brewer's plan is reasonable and it is a plan unlike "Pension Envy" which is no plan at all.

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  4. Nakano believed a bunch of lies straight of Brewer's yellow-teethed mouth. He has been going around town telling people Pat Furey is a racist... not knowing that EVERYBODY knows he is doing it. Unfortunately George is so out of touch that he actually believed Tom's lies. Maybe his brain is damaged from all the shoe polish he puts in his hair.

  5. Todd, your racist remarks and harsh yet hollow slams sound off nothing but desperation. You are ashamed of yourself!

  6. Remember with George Nakano supported Dan Walker and did the hit piece on Marcia Cribbs saying she was anti-Asian. Knowing Nakano is in Brewer's corner makes the corner smell all the more.