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Betsy Butler 86'd by SB 1530

Betsy Butler is running for office, again.
Betsy Bulter (Source: Mrariruiz)
She was my state assembly rep for a few terms. I never paid much attention, because my district was hopelessly liberal, and the point spread was too great for any viable Republican or conservative to capitalize on the folly which defined and dominates Sacramento.

Now that the Citizens Commission has made more seats competitive, people like Butler faced opposition for reelection in 2012, even if the competition was another Democrat -- Richard Bloom the mayor of Santa Monica

He was slightly less left-leaning (I suppose), and he bit Butler by 1000 votes.

Butler is running for office again, and the one issue which dogged her in 2012 is coming after her again:

SB 1530.

The former Assemblymember made a guest appearance at a political forum at LA Harbor College, hosted by Rebel Alliance student leader Joseph Lopez.

Butler arrived late, but other guests attended and outlined their campaigns or core conservative values, including Shawn Steel and John Wood (who is running for Congress against Maxine Waters) as well as former candidate and local activists Craig Huey.

After an hour, Butler arrived, touting her outreach to the various list of minority groups -- the usual liberal staple. The hour prior, the conservative guests all discussed the terrible economy in California, and the need for good jobs and viable options for young college students.

Butler showed up, and wanted to talk about outreach to "our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters."

How tone-deaf can one be?

When she took questions from the audience, I praised her for her work with veterans, which was a subject of one of the few letters to the editor published by Herald Publications in 2012.

Then I pressed on her abstention vote on SB 1530, the "teacher pervert" bill which would have made it easier to get rid of teachers guilty of misconduct against students in the classroom.

She helped kill the bill by voting neither for nor against it.

Not just the LA Weekly, but CNN investigated her role in killing that piece of legislation. Anderson Cooper's staff went all the way to Sacramento, and with the help of a capitol aid, wrote questions to the assemblymember demanding answers. She rebuffed every request.

The voters in Santa Monica rebuffed her.

She squirmed to justify her response, offering that the bill would not have provided due process safeguards for teachers.

Baloney -- she was getting teacher union money, and the money pushes legislators to take positions contrary to what voters want them to do.

Besides, teachers with tenure have so many safeguard, provisions, recourses, and by-laws in their favor, it is almost impossible to fire them.

When she felt that she had adequately put aside my question, Craig Huey jumped and pointed out that such actions from our legislators all represent the pay-for-play perversions which define Sacramento politics, all of which push out the best interests of the public.

Butler got 86'd by SB 1530 I 2012, and that "abstention" should convinced voters in the 26th State Senate district to abstain from voting for her on June 3rd.

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  1. The above written by Art Schaper---bitter and fired ex-school teacher. Ask the folks at Leuzinger about ol' Art...