Friday, May 16, 2014

Romney Did, Kashkari Will Drag Down Ticket

The same media spin, from the Democrats, the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC -- even though they are not that big anymore), as well as some Washington Establishment leaders, is that stray comments from certain US Senate candidates dragged down the GOP ticket in 2012 and gave Obama reelection.

Mitt Romney
What a Drag!
(Source: Steve Pearce)

Sad but true, it was Presidential nominee Mitt Romney who dragged down the ticket.

Romney did very poorly in California, for example in part because the media had called the election for Obama, and thus discouraged a number of voters from showing up.

He lost by twenty-three points to Obama, and with his stunning loss he dragged down a number of worthy Congressional candidates (incumbents) with him.

That may change in 2014.

Another Downer
Will Drag Down Ticket

Another reason: conservatives, pro-free market TEA Party affiliates were discouraged with this nomination. Ron Paul acolytes were snubbed so terribly.

No one should be surprised that a number of them probably did not bother to vote at all that year.

Romney dragged the ticket -- not sharp enough of a contrast.

Nevertheless, Neel Kashkari's campaign wants to make Tim Donnelly into another gaffe-prone bag of offense who will ruin the GOP brand in California.

Look at Rhode Island, where prior Republicans embraced Democrat-lite, and you will find that voters were completely turned off.

In fact, most New England politicos blame Bush II because he was so fisally liberal, thus completely tarnishing the fiscal conservatism of the New England caucus.


We need candidates who are true to their values. Anything less than red hot and real, red meat conservatism: that will drag down the ticket and depress the turnout.

I support Tim Donnelly for CA Governor, and I hope that more California leaders and voters do the same in June and in November.
Tim Donnelly

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  1. The "media called the election"? Yeah---after Obama beat him!!!!!