Sunday, May 18, 2014

About Local Women Running for Office

Last week, the Argonaut spotlighted the many women running for office in the Santa Monica Bay.

Former Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel claims that the 18% of female Congressional representatives is “not good enough”. However, her reasons for getting elected are not good enough, either. From blaming the TEA Party for the ills of  Washington DC, to replaying the tired and broken “War on Women” rhetoric about reproductive rights and the glass ceiling, Greuel ignores real policies and attacks strawmen (or women?) to distract from her “not good enough” record.

Marianne Williamson has a non special-interest following, yet for most supporters, her “special interest” includes disaffected leftists who want someone to stand outside of both parties. At least Williamson is relying on individual donations with a commitment toward restoring civil liberties.

Former assemblymember Betsy Butler switched her campaigning from an Assembly race to the state senate seat. Contrary to the Argonaut’s description, she did not lose her seat by a “razor-thin” margin, but by one thousand votes, in part because of her abstention on a key teacher reform bill, SB 1530, which would have expedited the process to terminate teachers guilty of misconduct.

Manhattan Beach mayor Amy Howorth offered that a representative government should have “over 50% women”. Why? How is a war on men supposed to bridge the disconnect between elite politicians with everyday voters?

Sandra Fluke’s campaign is a fluke (and a joke). Claiming that ten years of legislative advocacy qualifies her, Fluke trumpets standing up to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh that she has a right to demand the government pay for her birth control. Really?

Why should voters evaluate anyone based on gender? Based on the issues, policies, and their views, none of the featured female candidates offered candid reasons for voters to support them.

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  1. Women intimidate you, don't we, Arthur?