Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Furey's Finances: OMG!

Pat Furey has signs and billboards and lots of union support -- Oh My!
Lots of  Special Interest Money

Taking an extended look over the campaign finance reports from two PACS heavily invested in the Torrance City Council race, one finds more reason not to give Furey another glance:

Torrance Voters PAC to Support Pat Furey for Mayor 2014

Who contributed to this PAC?

Why, the Torrance Firefighters Association.

How much? $15,000.

Quite a sum. Now, I am pretty sure that not every Torrance Fire Fighter is a resident in Torrance.

Yet even if they are, that does not mean they speak for every voter in the City of Torrance, do they?

Talk about false advertising.

Then there was this "Late Report" contribution:

McCormick Ambulance -- $25,000

At least Furey won't have to worry about resuscitating his campaign. This company lists Hawthorne, California as its main address. The company is not located in Torrance at all, so how can the PAC list this money and still call itself "Torrance Voters"?

Not only is special interest money backing Furey, but the financing is coming from outside the city.

Even Kurt Weideman has enough (?) integrity to take all his money from individuals who live in Torrance.

I want representatives who recognize and respond to the public (and the individual's) best interests. These donors are not our neighbors, and they are not voters in the city of Torrance, either!

Torrance Voters for Furey? As if! OMG!


  1. Art Schaper: Character Assassin™

  2. You do realize that a candidate can't stop an Independent Expenditure from happening, right? In fact they can't coordinate at all. Common campaign knowledge.

    And "resuscitating his campaign?" LOL you have to be kidding. He is the only candidate putting out any meaningful amount of mail, his web and social media presence dwarfs his opponents, he has raised more money than both of them combined (mostly from Torrance residents and businesses - and a small amount from unions... check his contribution report). In fact, more people have his lawnsign on their lawns or businesses than the other candidates combined too. Word is that Tom only has 300 signs total, and Bill 400. Pat Furey has 1,000.... and they are all on lawns. The other signs you see are a part of the independent expenditure... and clearly a lot of businesses support our firefighters.

    You just cant accept that our firefighters and police officers might just not like Brewer and Sutherland because they have been nothing but rude dicks to our public safety officers. When it comes down to it, all three candidates have voted identically on contracts for police and fire... they just get respected by Pat Furey rather than shit-talked by Brewer and Sutherland.

    One cop I talked to said "I'm supporting Pat mostly because I hate Sutherland and Brewer." LOL