Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Seth Stodder for State Senate District 26

Seth Stodder (on the Right) for State Senate District 26
Three of the seven Democrats running for State Senate District 26 (which includes the Beach Cities, Palos Verdes Peninsula, and greater parts of Torrance) are calling themselves fiscally responsible or fiscally conservative.
None of them will live up to that label, since they will caucus with the liberal Democrats in Sacramento, who for the most part have looked the other way while on Democrat after another is either convicted or indicted for corruption

Dr. Vito has union-backing, and while Manhattan Beach mayor Amy Howorth can promote her fiscal responsibilities all she wants, but she is a Democrat, and her party has been embroiled in one scandal after another in Sacramento,

Granted, Richard Riordan has endorsed two other Democrats because he claims that they will cut the spending in Sacramento. He specifically calls Santa Monica school board member Ben Allen a fiscal watchdog.
But Allen is also buddy-buddy with the retreating liberal Democrat, Henry Waxman. No fiscal conservatism there.
Then there's Betsy Butler, who aside from voting "no vote" on a bill which would have made it easier to fire a teacher guilty of misconduct, she touts the following reform for solving the water shortage issue in our state: get rid of people's lawns.
I've got a better idea: Get Off My Lawn!
Manhattan Beach mayor Amy Howorth is showcasing her local experience on the Manhattan Beach School Board and the City council, where she fought against fraud and waste. Local leaders have to spend prudently, especially in Beach Cities, where the voters are always watching.

Still, does anyone really believe, that any one these Democratic candidates will enter the partisan fray of Sacramento and keep their word?

Unions are spending lavish sums to put candidates in place who will protect their interests, which often run counter to the fiscal necessities of running a state government within budget and cutting waste, fraud, and regulatory burdens.

Frankly, for Democrats to call themselves "fiscally responsible" makes about as much sense as Bush's "We have to suspend the rules of the free market to save it", or "If you like your health care plan, you can keep it" or Hillary Clinton's tone-deaf, insensitive "What difference does it make?" in responses to serious queries from US Senators regarding Benghazi.
Of the candidates running for State Senate 26, only one candidate is a non-Democrat: Seth Stodder.
But he was a Democrat, during the Bush Administration, and there were many Democrats who worked in the Bush Administration (and support Bush's reelection in 2004), because this country was facing off against Islamo-fascism, and Stodder (like many Democrats) wanted to do whatever they could to ensure the safety and security of this country.
He even become a Republican and campaigned on behalf of John McCain in 2008, yet even after the Arizona Senator's loss, Stodder remained a Republican to assist the Obama Administration with border security issues, as well.
Whatever his party affiliation he put the national security of this country ahead of politics.
Now, he has a chance to put the best interests of State Senate District 26 ahead of the political follies which define (er, dominate) Sacramento.

 Seth Stodder is running for the state senate seat, who has not only Riordan's backing, but has taken no union money. Union corruption has tainted members of both of parties (many more Democrats than Republicans). He even has the support of reform Democrat Gloria Romera, an activist who campaigned hard for Prop 32 to reform the influence of union money in politics.

Stodder is pro school choice, pro Prop 13, and pro bringing businesses back to California. He supports energy exploration, and he is not afraid to say "Toyota", one of many businesses leaving the state because of Democratic anti-economic policies.

As a former supervisor had intoned to Seth the day after 9-11, when the Bush Administration requested Stodder's legal experience with customs and border control: "Seth, we need your help."

Vote for Seth Stodder for State Senate District 26 on June 3rd and November 4th.


  1. Thank you for confirming my vote for Seth Stodder.

  2. You got it! Please try to leave a name so that I can recognize your comments.

  3. Thanks Arthur, We have seen the path our current elected leaders have led us down... companies fleeing our state, increase taxes. It is time we bring in someone with a new vision to encourage investment and jobs within our community.