Sunday, May 25, 2014

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus Blocked Me: Why?

Loved the Breeze, but I got a better job. Why was Tanaka forced to resign?

LA Weekly's Gene Maddaus
 Following up on the Big Media smears swirling around Gardena Mayor Paul Tanaka and his run for Sheriff, I learned that this one reported, Gene Maddaus, has been writing most of the heavy-hitting attacks against the mayor and candidate.

I tweeted to Maddaus the following after I met with and confronted Tanaka on a number of the issues which have surrounded his controversial tenure in the LA County Sheriff's Department.

Arthur C. Schaper @ArthurCSchaper May 21
Why is obsessed with ? Why did you leave + Don't Like Paul Tanaka?

He answered me with the above tweet.

Then I also sent:

Arthur C. Schaper @ArthurCSchaper May 21 Still haven't answered my question -- why are you obsessed with ? Explain "forced to resign"

May 21
At this point, I sense nothing but smear and bias Tanaka answered my questions!

 Arthur C. Schaper @ArthurCSchaper  ·  May 22
Why Doesn’t Big Media Like Paul Tanaka?: Why the anti-Tanaka obsession?

Arthur C. Schaper@ArthurCSchaper 24h  (May 24) 
Why Does Not-So Hate Paul ? Still Won't Tell me why!
First of all, Tanaka was not forced to resign.

He retired.

Every major newspaper, including the South Bay's own Daily Breeze reported that.

In November of 2013, Tanaka commented on a Sacramento Public Radio program that he was fed up with the poor leadership in the LA County Jails, but at the same time there was no way that he could he resist the authority of the current leadership and remain there.

He retired, then he announced his run for Sheriff.

It's just that simple.

Now I asked Mr. Maddaus to explain his anti-Tanaka obsessions.

I tweeted him a few more times for an answer.

Lo and Behold -- Maddaus blocked me.

I will cry myself to sleep tonight -- laughing.

I join with the now-deceased Andrew Breitbart in shouting: "I hate bullies!"

I hate media bullies who go out of their way to smear candidates and politicians just because of their values without any evidence to support the allegations.

The liberal Big Media cohorts in our country, and specifically in Los Angeles County, have acted like rich, spoiled adolescents who go out of their way to trash anyone whose "values" do not line up with theirs. The whole sordid, anti-truth miasma reminds me of the petty bet between the two rich, bored old white men in Trading Places, who wagered one dollar that they could bring a wealthy man to nothing.

Today, instead of rich white men taking down other wealthy peers, we have the "mainstream media" trashing conservatives of all colors just to keep a left-leaning mess adrift in our current political cohort.

I have had enough.

It's time to hold "journalists" like Maddaus accountable.

So, Mr. Maddaus: why did you block me? You don't like people writing about you at length with spurious allegations or incessant demands? If you can't take such conduct, then perhaps you should not be engaged in the same.

Readers in Los Angeles County need to start holding our media accountable. From the LA Times disturbed obsession with an old, Jewish basketball team owner, to their systemic neglect of massive government failures, from LA County leaders to the President of the United States (when they are Democrats)

It's time to punch back at this unethical reporting. It's to hold our journalists to the same standard expected of any one of us in our dealings with our peers in the workplace or anywhere else.

No one gets to trash with impunity other people with nothing but inference and hearsay.

Journalists should have a little more integrity than that.

So, Mr. Maddaus, I will ask again:

Why did you block me? Why do you have an anti-Tanaka obsession?

Did you leave the Daily Breeze because you wanted to or were you asked to leave for unethical practices?


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