Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sign Stealing in Torrance, CA

File:Pacific Electric Railroad Bridge (Torrance).jpg
Pacific Railroad Bridge in Torrance, CA
I just received this email from Torrance City Council candidate Clint Paulson, which contained the following Facebook exchange (now deleted) regarding sign stealing in the city of Torrance.

Politics is getting ugly. I cannot believe how low some activists will stoop to stop their opponents from winning.

Here is the email, with the Facebook exchanges included:

Hi Arthur,

I thought you might be interested in the exchange below you can find right now on Heidi's FB page.  Heidi is calling me out as an unethical candidate.  I believe she is talking about a comment I made at the last forum about her service on the School Board and whether that led to an improvement in our schools.  There is a tape of the forum so all the world can see whether my comment was unethical. 

For the record, I am not interested in personal attacks which candidates are tossing at each other. Looking over this page, I did not find any evidence of particular attacks from Ashcraft or anyone toward another candidate.

Here is the Facebook Exchange:

[According to Paulson, this comment below was posted by Gail S. Morgan]:

Heidi, sorry to report that someone over night stole your signs from the front of the building. They took yours and Alex's whole sign and ripped off the signs of Tom's but left us the wire posts!!! They also stole the Sutherland sign that was in front of the business next door. But the Furey signs are still up and blowing in the wind. Pretty clear what is going on. Hopefully, they will that yours and Alex's signs and place them somewhere else. The nasty little morons in this town have started to show their colors. Freedom of speech and expression has been violated right here in Torrance.
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  • Clint Andrew Paulson for Torrance City Council
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  • Alex See I noticed this morning the signs are missing. I assumed it was a nasty wind last night. And didnt pay much attention. This is dirty. I thought this only happened in third world countries, such as the place where i grew up. Dissapointed.
    Sorry Heidi you were attacked at last forum. Lets have a good fight and do the right thing.
  • Heidi Koch Ashcraft This is a misdemeanor to steal or remove a candidate's signs. I have many that have been taken in the last few days, all on private property. It is also expensive, it's the same as stealing money from those that have contributed to my campaign. Thank you Alex for your kind words. Funny how Paulson, who personally and publicly attacked me by name, says he's not a politician and is ethical!! What a joke! It's time for the police to be notified about the signs.
    • Clint Andrew Paulson for Torrance City Council Ugh..Heidi you do know that other people can see what you post on FB right? I just had one of your supporters verbally assault me as I was walking by on the sidewalk because of ethical accusations you are making against me. You might want to read that ethics form you signed again as I am pretty sure it says something about honesty. Please explain to me and the voters where I can find the ethical rule you believe I violated. Levying an ethics violation against another candidate in a public forum such as this is a serious matter. I hope you have evidence to support your claim as you are treading on very dangerous water. My reputation is very important to me and I have tried very hard to run an ethical campaign. Please help me understand where you are coming from here as I am very surprised by your accusations.
    • Clint Andrew Paulson for Torrance City Council Oh and by the way, I definitely have had nothing to do with taking your signs just in case you were wondering.
    • Clint Andrew Paulson for Torrance City Council
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  • Heidi Koch Ashcraft Gail, my signs have disappeared in other areas of town also. Ridiculous, immature behavior. The amount of signs placed in illegal places as well as in front of businesses that have not given permission have littered the city. Personal attacks at forums have also become the "norm". Supposedly all candidates signed a form saying they would be ethical!!
    • Gail S. Morgan Well, maybe it is the child of the candidates that are doing the dirty work. I find it very interesting that all the Furey signs in this area are safe but Tom's, Alex's and yours are going by the way side. Ron and I believe this office was attacked due to the FPPC ruling and the fact that Gavin is on the commission. They do not know or refuse to know that Gavin does not have any interest in this building, it is owned by Ronald and managed by me, not Gavin. They will get caught. If it is who I think it is or his friends, they will not have to worry about Gavin, it will be me that takes them and their candidate down.
So, Pat Furey's sign are still standing, while the conservative candidates' signs are getting pulled down. A Furey support is visiting his or her fury against other candidates. . .

This is strange, since a Torrance Firefighters flyer has endorsed Heidi Ashcraft as well as Pat Furey for mayor, Torrance residents deserve to know who is responsible for such misconduct.
From pension envy to sign stealing. . . what is going on?
This is outrageous and unethical behavior, and I share the same concerns as Alex See. Such petty politicking belongs in third-world countries, not here in Torrance.
I want to see a good fight among all candidates, one based on the issues, not hollow attacks or smears about ethical/unethical statements in forums.


  1. Hey Arthur, Clint here. I am totally with you when it comes to the sign stealing if that is indeed happening as I have no personal evidence of it.

    I would also love to have a campaign based on the issues. Unfortunately, when you try to discuss a candidates records on the issues it somehow gets labeled a personal attack and unethical behavior. Based on the responses you get in this blog, you should understand that better than anyone. You can't have a conversation on the issues if those that are willing to speak on the issues get silenced in this manner.

    1. Signs get stolen when they consider you a viable candidate. Take it as a compliment when you get your signs stolen or start receiving death threats... Life is funny that way.

  2. Wow, Art Schaper--Character Assassin™--you are suddenly worried about "unethical statements"? Considering your habit of running with unsolicited emails as facts, that is textbook hypocrisy. You are full of unintended humor, Art. Thanks again for the chuckles!

  3. Thanks for the unintended compliments, Jack. Your hate promotes this cause all the more.

  4. Art, again I ask: who the hell is Jack Charles? I think your paranoia is getting the better of you, boy.

  5. Sign stealing is nothing new. I guess when you can't defend your policies you try to distract with sign stealing and calling someone unethical. Let's just be clear that Alex See and Heidi Ashcraft are not conservatives. They are insiders and willing to do anything to get a seat in city hall. A vote for Alex and Heidi is a vote for the status quo. They didn't coin the slogan "No guts, No Glory" but they might be able to claim "Don't rock the boat". Not the candidates we need to solve the financial problems this city is facing with out of control employee salaries and pensions plus free health care for life.

  6. I just saw employees at a local fast food restaurant remove another Pat Furey sign from their premises. What is the Pat Furey campaign up to? Is someone in his camp putting up his signs, even without the permission of the property owners in this city?

  7. From Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino:

    Arthur C. Schaper ‏@ArthurCSchaper · 16h
    Schaper's Corner: Sign Stealing in @TorranceCA @AurelioMattucci @VoteLeilani2014 @CouncilmanFurey @Ashcraft2014

    Leilani K. Dagostino ‏@VoteLeilani2014 · 13h
    @ArthurCSchaper My signs have been stolen too.


  8. Suggesting that Councilman Furey or his family is stealing signs is ridiculous. A) the weather destroyed A LOT of signs. I had to get all of the signs on my property replaced by four candidates because the wind and rain destroyed them. B) signs get removed from businesses and corners all the time, even if you get permission from the owner. Landscapers don't usually know what is supposed to be there and what's not.

    And now they are retaliating against Gavin Wasserman? Pretty bold claim and definitely reaching. I'd be interested to find out if any of the above people has even contacted Councilman Furey (or his family) to ask them about it.

    As for Wasserman - the building is his. He owns it. He covered up his first name with a piece of paper so he could rent his building to political campaigns... a blatant conflict of interest with his FPPC Commission position. If I were him, I'd be worried about an FPPC complaint against him now. (And no its not because of the candidates he is supporting - it is because he shouldn't be openly supporting candidates at all).

  9. Its a conspiracy!!! Furey drives around in black SUV's and helicopters, stealing lawn signs and erasing our minds!!!!!