Wednesday, May 14, 2014

No to AB 2711 -- Blatant Vote-Buying

Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi and State Senator Ted Lieu support AB 2711, which would provide the city of Hermosa Beach a $17.5 million no interest loan if residents vote against E and B drilling off the coast. By voting against drilling, the city will in turn trigger a settlement to the company.
The E and B controversy demonstrates the importance not just of robust local oversight, but the growing reluctance which all of us should have regarding which contracts our city leaders engage while in office. Officials represent their constituents for a limited time, yet the city and its residents have to live with the consequences of those decisions for a life-time. These considerations should prevent such short-sighted commitments in the future.
Notwithstanding the choices of prior city councils, the residents of Hermosa Beach must choose: permit drilling or pay a settlement.
One Hermosa Beach resident shared legitimate concerns about oil spills and contamination. Twenty years after the Exxon-Valdez disaster (1989), technological safeguards have improved considerably. Despite the disastrous BP spill in the Gulf Coast (2010), commerce and tourism have returned to region. The same resident affirmed that if E and B demonstrate their capacity to provide immediate and effective safeguards, he would support their drilling.
On another note, Muratsuchi and Lieu represent all South Bay residents. They should not support spending tax dollars from residents in Redondo Beach, Redlands, or Redding to pay the settlement in one city. Sacramento lawmakers incur huge debts ignoring major reforms. They have no business making loans to anyone.
AB 2711 bill is blatant vote-buying for the vulnerable Muratsuchi running for reelection and the marginalized Lieu, facing serious challenges in his run for Congress. The fact that they are using other people’s money to buy votes is reason enough to vote them out of office.


  1. You don't live in Hermosa. Keep you ignorant comments to yourself, scab.

  2. Scabs are a sign of healing. Thanks for the compliment!

  3. Let's check in with one of Artie's idols, shall we:

    The latest jobs numbers show that 2013 was Wisconsin’s worst year for private sector job growth since Scott Walker took office, the latest indicator that Wisconsin is heading in the wrong direction under Scott Walker when it comes to job creation.
    The Department of Workforce Development has released its final jobs numbers for 2013 -- the “gold standard” QCEW figures -- that show Wisconsin added just 28,006 new private sector jobs during the year, the lowest total yearly growth since Scott Walker took office. The 28,006 jobs added were good for a 1.2% increase in job growth, well behind the national 1.7% rate of growth, and trailing the previous year’s 1.4% rate of growth.
    Other disturbing findings were that Wisconsin added just 1,712 manufacturing jobs, a 0.4% rate of growth in one of our state’s most critical employment sectors, and is still not back to pre-recession level employment, even as the national economy has recovered all the jobs lost and then some.
    A broader comparison to other states’ 2013 job growth performance won’t be available until next month; however, the most recent data shows Wisconsin ranked 9th out of 10 Midwest states in job creation and 35th in the nation – down from 11th the day Walker took office – in overall job creation.
    “Most people get better at their jobs the longer they do them, but three years in, Scott Walker has posted his worst jobs numbers yet,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “That’s because, with no real plan to create jobs, career politician Scott Walker has ignored the economic security of Wisconsin’s middle class in pursuit of furthering his own ambitions.”

    1. Your negative screeds against Walker is unconvincing.

      But since you cannot resist, don't forget Susana Martinez, Rick Snyder, and the other Republican governors (including Rick Perry's Texas) who are making a difference in their states. You data is merely a reflection of the bad national policies. If you care so much about hard-working Wisconsinites, then you should support the push for the GOP to take back the US Senate, stop Obama's waste, fraud, and scandals which are costing this country in blood, treasure and honor.

      Reforms take time, always have, always will.

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    4. Artie's a little thin-skinned these days. Doesn't like it when someone points out the disastrous Scott Walker regime.

  4. Rick Snyder is making a difference all right---all bad:
    Snyder’s failed jobs policies:
    22nd: When Snyder took office, Michigan was 2nd in job growth
    7.7%: Michigan’s unemployment rate
    16th worst: Thanks to the Snyder administration, Michigan is the 16th worst run state in the country
    115%: The amount the state’s furniture contract increased from 2011 to 2012, which benefitted the cousin of governor Snyder
    Snyder’s failed women’s rights policies:
    0: Number of times Snyder has taken a stand for equal pay for equal work for women
    1: Amount of pre-abortion screening bills Snyder has signed — making it more difficult for women to access women’s health care services
    Snyder’s equality for LGBT Michiganders:
    0: The amount of times Snyder has answered when directly asked about marriage equality
    $40,000: The amount spent on witnesses by Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette on anti-equalty witnesses in state’s gay marriage trial
    Snyder’s emergency management:
    1: Number of times voters overturned Snyder’s emergency financial manager law —but Snyder went against the will of the people and created a new law instead
    $270,000: The salary of Detroit emergency financial manager Kevin Orr — who has the power to break contracts and privatize city services to unaccountable corporations
    11: The number of emergency financial managers that Snyder has forced on municipalities — resulting in loss of the democratic process in communities
    6: The number of schools that have an emergency manager thanks to Snyder — resulting in loss of local control of neighborhood schools and massive privatization efforts
    Snyder’s funding cuts to education, state services and local government:
    $145 million: Snyder’s 2011 budget included $145 million in cuts for state employees
    $470: Snyder cut funding to public schools by $470 per student — resulting in larger class sizes and less resources in the classroom
    71%: The number of Michiganders who opposed Snyder’s funding cuts to public education
    15%: Snyder slashed higher education funding by 15 percent — making it harder for young Michiganders to get ahead without accruing massive amounts of debt
    $100 million: Snyder cut $100 million to local governments — resulting in fewer resources for cash-strapped police and fire departments
    $70 million: Snyder cut over $70 million in funding to the Michigan Department of Corrections – meaning less resources for officers in one of Michigan’s most dangerous professions
    Snyder’s higher taxes for Michigan families:
    $3,000: Seniors now pay over $3,000 more in taxes – causing vulnerable citizens to choose between paying for groceries and filling prescriptions
    70%: Snyder shaved off 70 percent of the Earned Income Tax Credit – nearly eliminating it for those who need help the most
    $363: Snyder hit single parents with a $363 tax increase — thanks to nearly eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit
    Snyder’s failed education agenda:
    79%: The percentage of charter schools in Michigan being ran by for-profit corporations
    24%: The enrollment decrease from Snyder’s unaccountable, unproven and experimental Education Achievement Authority schools in Detroit
    50: The number of school districts in Michigan that ended the 2012-13 Fiscal Year in deficit — thanks to Snyder’s cuts to public school districts
    $28,840: The average amount of debt accrued by Michigan’s college grads — Snyder’s cuts to higher education funding have forced the cost of college tuition to astronomical levels
    48th: Where Michigan ranked in regard to overall well being of African American children