Sunday, May 18, 2014

Not DeMaio or Peters: Kirk Jorgensen for Congress (CD-52)

Kirk Jorgensen (Jorgensen for Congress)
Fiscal discipline means nothing without moral values.

Otherwise, how can anyone make the case for not spending future generations' money by borrowing from the future?

Fiscal prudence, limited government, constitutional rule are all moral values and they are all predicated on the value of human life as well as the integrity of the human family.

A current in the political world, from political party elites to policy pragmatists all suggest that voters, and thus most conservatives, must compromise on key issues like abortion, the definition of marriage, the scope of the Second Amendment, the role of the state in protecting the environment, the proper influence of labor unions, and a number of issues.

Yet each of these issues is ultimately integrated with economic verities, too. The prohibitive cost of a police state which endangers all of us (if we are forbidden from protecting ourselves), the expense of "green technology" wasting our money and the incalculable detriment to our cities in the face of unfettered amnesty will cost the nation far money than money.

We may disagree about how to handle tragic circumstances and the acceptable times for allowing an abortion - but we cannot argue that life does begin at conception: that is a biological fact, not just a religious dogma.

We may dispute the origins of homosexual conduct, but we cannot dispute the danger, dysfunction, and ultimately death associated with such conduct, as witnessed in history as well as epidemiology, sociology, and other fields of inquiry.

Once again, lower taxes, less spending, looser regulations, individual liberty, limited government mean nothing without respect for values, which do not change, for realities which we must accept not try to change..

So, with these statements in mind, there is no reason why anyone should support either Scott Peters or Carl DeMaio for the 52nd Congressional District. Peters is a liberal Democrat who stands with a party complete out of synch with economic and moral realities. Democrats in my home town (Torrance) are endorsing Republicans for office because the moral and fiscal values are needed now more than ever in our city -- and in our state.

As for Carl DeMaio, his values do not match up with the Republican Party's full platform. He may please party activist Charlie Munger Jr., whose donations have benefited liberal candidates in the name of advancing fiscal conservatism. The fact remains that you cannot have one without the other. Munger should understand by now that relativity belongs in physics, but not in politics.

DeMaio is pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, pro-environmentalism, pro-gun control, pro-immoral amnesty. These policies are not Republican, and thus he should have run as a Democrat or an Independent.

Kirk Jorgensen stands strong on every value - fiscal discipline, the right to life, the integrity of the family, the individual's power and necessity to protect himself, and the limited role of the state in managing affairs.

He is the best choice for the 52nd Congressional District. On June 3rd and November 4th, vote for Kirk Jorgensen.

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