Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sorry Jon and Ken -- Can't Make it (and don't have to)

John and Ken Debate Neel and Tim
Jon and Ken conservative talk show hosts, are hosting a debate with California Republican Gubernatorial candidates Neel Kashkari and Tim Donnelly.

Sorry, Jon and Ken, I won't be coming to Anaheim.

It's too hot and the drive will be a long one. I have to work tomorrow (at least I am fortunate to have a job, and one that I look forward to working in)

But most importantly, I have made my decision:

I support Tim Donnelly for California's next governor.

From Kashkari's claims to conservatism (Not!), to his messy smears against the state assemblyman, none of which are convincing or convicting, to his desperate anti-Donnelly blog, I am disgusted and disappointed with Kash-n-Kari from beginning to end.

I refuse to bow to this hollow fear that any one candidate, no matter what his or her remarks or priors, can drag down an entire ticket.

The last straw was the desperate comparison of Missouri Congressman Todd Akin with Tim Donnelly.

Give me a break!

Kashkari will drag down the ticket if he wins one of the Top Two spots in the general election.

The conservative press and media are playing a different game now. Instead of playing lukewarm so as not to offend the media elites, they are punching back twice as hard.

Donnelly has support from all kinds of Californians, including me.

He is true red conservative:

He cares about life and marriage.

He supports an individual's right to keep and bear arms.

He sees the damage which Democratic dominance has done to the state of California.

He shoots from the hip (not just the lip) and is not afraid to make his case for a better California.

Kash-n-Kari needs to carry himself out of the race.

And I don't need John and Ken to make Neel dance the way they made Gardena Mayor Paul Tanaka dance a few months ago.

Thanks but no thanks, John and Ken.


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  3. What's the matter, Artie? Jon & Ken gotcha flustered? C'mon, Artie! Please attend their Idiot-O-Rama! Maybe you'll hear you new hero Tim Donnelly quoting Frank Gaffney, Jr. on Sharia Law! Maybe Donnelly will wave a Confederate flag! (He loves it, ya know!) C'mon, buddy! There will lots of OTHER idiots there, so you can network!