Friday, May 30, 2014

Shinseki Resigned, and so has Jay Carney. . .

I had predicted that Shinseki would resign, and if he resigned, then other members of the Obama Administration would bow out next.

Lo and Behold, Press Secretary Jay Carney has left the building.

I guess he got tired of lying and getting laughed at for trying to spin Obama's endless, seamy frauds into some tapestry of competent fact-finding.

Fox News Contributors speculated, with some mirth, that Carney was jovially shouting "Free at last! Free at last!"

All of a sudden, the troops are no longer rallying around the general.

Then again, President was never a general.

More of a hapless war correspondent, one who spent more time taking pictures of himself and regaling non-existent fans and readers with the dangerous exploits he faced looking out on the battlefield.

Who's next to flee from the Obama Administration?

Even President Bush never hemorrhaged this many staff into the sixth year of his Presidency.

Predictions -- who will resign next from the Obama Administration?

Press Secretary Jay Carney: "Free at Last!"


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