Friday, November 10, 2017

More #MeToo Stories: Tony Mendoza, Too!

Now who else is in the target of the #MeToo exposure?

State Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia).

The Sacramento Bee reports:

She wanted a job and said California senator invited her home. He firedaides who knew.

California Sen. Tony Mendoza fired three aides in September as allegations were reported to the Senate Rules Committee that the senator repeatedly invited home a young woman who wanted a job and employed a district director with a felony record.

Ouch! When does the criminal behavior stop?

Multiple sources told The Bee that Mendoza, D-Artesia, invited the young woman back to his place to review resumes, including hers, on the night of a party at the nightclub Mix Downtown. The woman worked as a fellow in his office through a prestigious Sacramento State program that places graduates in legislative offices for 11 months.
Tony Mendoza, too?

Two of the aides met with Senate Rules Committee staff and detailed allegations that Mendoza engaged in a pattern of inappropriate behavior with the fellow. At least two of his aides complained about the way Mendoza’s district director, Ana Perez, treated them. One questioned why she was even working for the Senate given her felony record for lying to a grand jury to cover up campaign finance fraud in Commerce, Calif.


The Bee reports that Mendoza's staffers had over three decades of experience in Sacramento, yet when Mendoza took over the leadership of a new committee, he claimed that he needed to make a change.



They blew the whistle on his inappropriate behavior, and he didn't like it. He hired a felon to work in his office, too.

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