Monday, November 6, 2017

Latino for Trump Exposes Democratic Urban Ghettos, Theft of Taxpayer Dollars

Fernando Garcia is a legal resident in Los Angeles County.

He has legal status, but at this time he does not vote.

But despite all of that, he supports President Trump!

He has an on-the-ground knowledge of the crime and corruption devouring entire cities, killing the American Dream for Americans and legal residents from all countries.

Check out this video above, where he showcases all the medical clinics, pharmacies, and dentistries available in these poor areas.

Yet they have no housing and no schools. Entire families have to stay in hotels and extended-stay locations because the cost of housing is outrageous.

Why are there so many hospitals? Why are so many members of the different Latino communities ending up in these clinics?

Fernando brings up an interesting point--why are so many Latinos getting sick? Why is there such a need for all this health care? In Mexico, many nationals do not get sick. Fernando himself relates that he has only been to the doctor twice in his life.

This is subsidized dependence. That's what is happening. Get people dependent on government, get them to believe that they have to have socialized medicine to survive, and then they will continue to vote for expansion of government into every sector of our lives. In other words, they will continue voting for Democratic candidates.

This is government largesse with much waste. These are not healthy communities, as much as we are seeing how government intervention into healthcare demands does not ensure quality care in these areas.

Men and women of California, taxpaying citizens, you need to see what is happening here!

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