Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Debating the Truth About Transgenderism at UCLA Ben Shapiro Talk


This exchange was one of the best from one of the best nights of activism I was blessed to participate in.

I enjoy meeting with and recording students who are willing to talk to me. The point of departure here focused on Ben Shapiro's straightforward remark: "Transgenderism is a mental illness."

Yes it is, and I do not care how much political pressure is imposed on the American Psychiatric Association to remove recognition of gender dysphoria or transgenderism as disorders in the DSM manual.

Gary Grindall61 added ideas to this discussion, which in turned caused a lot of people to think for themselves.

I have shared this video with the pro-family activist group MassResistance, as well, in the hopes that they can share it to a much wider audience.

Yes, it is.

Some of the highlights of this exchange:

1. I used one of Ben Shapiro's arguments to debunk the notion that identity of any kind is based on feelings. Even when the young lady tried to shame me about it, I stood my ground and said that there is nothing wrong with using his departure point to make the case against transgenderism as a civil right.

2. I brought up the example of Csanad Szegedi, a Hungarian far-right wing political activist who hated Jews and Gypsies, only to find out that he was a Jew himself! Identity is not about our feelings. It's based on observable facts and tenets.

3. Finally, I could articulate clearly and simply why the fight for family is so important, and why we need to stand up to the LGBT movement, including transgenderism.

Please enjoy this video.

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