Friday, November 10, 2017

Father and Son Jumped By Antifa In Berkeley (Video)

This video was an incredible development following the Berkeley Free Speech rally, which turned into an Antifa riot.

I was chased down the street and then I ran into a gas station to protect myself.

But this father and son were harrassed even worse than anything than had happened to me.

The Red Elephants ran across them in a local restaurant and shared their incredible story.

Check it out.

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  1. I watched every single one of your videos and others that weekend. And I was so emotional, because I saw grown men cry at the genoristy of what others did to save them and then I saw this father, who could have easily been my father trying to protect his son. I’m no stranger to the violence that Antifa has been causing, I myself have been pepper sprayed in the face simply for documenting what has been happening over the last year.
    I watched the riots in Berkeley after Milo’s speech, I watched as you guys fought to take it back, I watched as someone got shot up in WA state at a Milo event, I watched my hometown in Portland, OR the night of the elections and for 8 days as people took to the streets causing millions of dollars in damage, set fires, broke out windows in dealerships and storefronts. It looked and sounded like a war zone. I watched every video on Charlottesville, Boston, LA, Seattle and all over the country and I have been to many. I was blocked from Dana Loeshs facebook for trying to correct her when she told all of her “followers” that the people in Portland, OR were “alt right” and that Patriot Prayer was just another “alt right” group causing trouble associated with White Supremacist, right after the stabbing on the max train here. (This was when everyone came here on June 4th, because our Mayor tried to pulled the rally permits and falsely accused the person who stabbed those people as being a Trump supporter when in fact he was a Sanders supporter).
    Don’t discount your bravery, or what you went through. I saw them corner you and I saw how close you came to getting a beat down. You used the the media as a wall to protect yourself, you were smart. This father and son were not so lucky. And believe me, I cried watching both your video and this one too.
    Everyday I pray for all of you guys, I pray that we continue to stay strong, that people like the Red Elephants, YOU, Patriot Prayer, Patriot Media, the Oath Keepers, III percenters, Proud boys, AND everyone that is out there fighting for our free speech, going to rallies and reporting, protecting us, and just being present will continue to stay strong, and continue to fight. This fight is the most important fight we have every fought, and without people like all of you we would never know the truth. THANK YOU! God bless you all!!!