Monday, November 13, 2017

Albuquerque Mayor's Race: Democratic Candidate Convicted of Campaign Violations

The Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor's race is heating up.

The Election is tomorrow, and the Democratic candidate has now be exposed for campaign violations.

Check out the Republican contender, Councilman Dan Lewis' statement on this matter:

ALBUQUERQUE – One day before Albuquerque voters go to the polls to elect a new mayor, the city ethics board has ruled that Tim Keller violated ethics laws by funneling cash donations to his campaign through his political consulting firm.

Candidate for Mayor Dan Lewis
 issued the following statement on Keller's guilty verdict Monday afternoon:

"This ruling serves as proof that Tim Keller lied to Albuquerque voters and illegally worked with his political allies to funnel cash to his campaign. How can we trust Tim to hold criminals in this city accountable when he thinks he is above the law himself? Sadly, Albuquerque's catch and release program is paying off for Tim, with the ethics board letting him off the hook despite finding him guilty."

Despite labeling himself as a "certified clean elections candidate," Tim Keller is currently under investigation for two additional ethics complaints that have been filed against him. Decisions on these cases will not be decided until after Tuesday's election.

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