Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Legacy of George W. Bush

This guy was a Little Boy who wanted to play with Big Toys.

He wanted to be President because his Daddy was President.
I cannot think of a legacy more crippling to the cause of constitutional rule than:

"compassionate conservatism"

Orwellian double-speak which is neither compassionate -- two world wars unfunded and still depleting this nation's coffers and prestige around the world.

Nor conservative -- exploding government with a larded transportation bill, Medicare entitlements, and No Child Left Behind.

Thank you for the Tax Cuts and for Supreme Court nominations Roberts and Alito. He did what he could during 9-11.

But the bipartisan budget-spree afterwards, followed by

"We must suspend the rules of the free market in order to save it"

all show that this man was a walking civil war, a contradiction, much like his mantra

"compassionate conservatism"

For all of that -- George W. Bush was Lyndon Johnson with an (R) after his name. "Great Society" Big Government that left a great big hole in our treasury and in our liberty.

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