Monday, October 15, 2012

Christie -- Lead the Way to Stop ObamaCare

Governor Christie should be commended then as well as now for refusing to authorize health insurance exchanges in New Jersey following the disastrous Affordable Car Act (ObamaCare) legislation, even if the Supreme Court ruled that the Individual Mandate – in reality, a tax! – is constitutional.

Governor Christie made the right move declaring that he would not sign or veto the legislation until after the November 6th Election. The polls are pulling for a Romney upset, with repeal of ObamaCare sure to follow.

Frankly, whether Romney gets elected or Romney gets reelected, I believe that every Governor in the state should resist establishing health insurance exchanges. The Louisiana and Texas Governors have already signaled their opposition to these exchanges. Christie is an unofficial dean of the GOP Republican governors.  Now more than ever, Christie can lead the states’-rights charge against ObamaCare, which forces the states to violate the privacy of individual citizens and compromises the sovereignty and integrity of the states.

Imagine the battle royal that would explode across the country if all the governors stood up and refused to implement ObamaCare, a government overreach which robs Medicare, threatens already financially strapped hospitals, and based on a recent interpretation of the IRS, will actually exclude family members if the primary bread-winner gets their health coverage from the employer.

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