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John Hawkins' Headlines Deserve the Headlines

40 Mainstream Media Headlines You'd See if Romney was a Democrat and Obama was a Republican

John Hawkins

John Hawkins is a professional blogger who runs Right Wing News

John Hawkins, a "professional blogger", contributes some of the most intriguing and engaging litanies in the majority of his columns for "".

Sep 28, 2012 Sign-Up 1) Mr. Fixit vs. Mr. Broke-It: The Successful CEO vs. the President Who Never Had a Real Job

President Obama never really had a job, no one would deny or qualify that, aside from his forays into community organizing and state machine politics in Illinois.

2) Black Leaders on Obama: We're Still Waiting for the First Real Black President

Indeed, the Black Community is still waiting for a real black President, one who will minister to their needs and not just their prejudices.

3) Can Mitt Romney Do for Mormons What JFK Did for Catholics?

It is surprising indeed that no one is playing up this "Mormon" angle about Romney. Perhaps neglecting this religious diversity helps the Massachusetts Governor more than it would hurt. The voters in this country have advanced past the place where they will permit religious prejudices to prevent them from electing a qualified candidate for higher office.

4) Experts Say Obama's Bizarre, Disconnected Behavior May Have Been Caused By His Strange Upbringing

5) The Presidency is Just the Next Logical Step in Mitt Romney's Lifetime of Service

This is an emphatic true statement which no one can deny. Romney is a real leader and servant, a man who has used his wealth to bless many people, and he should not be shamed for being wealthy for that reason.

6) Why is Barack Obama So Angry?

7) Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: The Best Looking Combination Ever to Run for President?

8) More Deaths in Afghanistan; New Grim Milestone Reached

We must get out of that pit of death and despair. I do not see any sense, no matter who becomes President next, for our troops to endure "friendly" fire from trained Afghanis.

9) Is Mitt Romney the Only Man Who Can Fix the Damage Done to America’s Economy Over the Last Four Years?

10) Solyndra Nation: How the Taxpayers are Being Pilfered to Pay Off Obama's Political Cronies

Solyndra has not gotten enough press. No question about it. Shame on the Mainstream Media for overlooking this extensive waste of tax dollars on "green energy".

11) Mitt Romney: Is He the Smartest Man Ever to Run for President?

He knows more about the economy, about business, about how to get things working right in a failing state.

12) Barack Obama: Setting Black Americans Back Fifty Years?


13) Soldiers in the Field Say They Want Romney as Their Commander-in-Chief

They do, indeed -- or do they? George Will has argued that the current line from Romney, that this country should continue its engagement in the

14) Obama: Just Not Smart Enough to be President?

The truth is, he is too smart -- in League with the Ivy League which has informed a fantasy notion of the world, how it works, what it demands, and how people are expected to live and thrive without government assistance, which is not.

15) Should Obama Even Run for Reelection?

16) Obama Golfs While Soldiers Die

Yes! Yes! Yes!

17) Gold Star Mom: Obama is Responsible for my Son’s Death

18) Obama's Libyan war: Would We Be There if There Were No Oil?

19) Dog Lovers Across Country Horrified by Stories About Obama Eating Dog

20) Activists Demand That Obama Be Brought Before War Crimes Tribunal

How about giving back that presumptuous Nobel Peace Prize?!

21) Oil Industry Still Hasn’t Recovered From Obama’s Mishandling of the BP Oil Spill

Yeah. . . .We have not heard too much about the rapid and remarkable recovery in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP offshore drill explosion, and the clean up, from start to finish, depended on private efforts for the most part -- another telling fact that the Mainstream Media will not report, either.

22) Barack Obama: Bad for Women?

ObamaCare definitely is!

23) Is Barack Obama's Cold, Distant Personality Hurting His Re-Election Chances?

24) Middle East Situation Prompts Comparison to Iran in 1979.

25) Economy Poised to Collapse Back Into Recession in 2013

26) Only An Investigation By A Special Prosecutor Can Restore Confidence in the Justice Department

27) Barack Obama's Stunning Record of Failure: A Special 12 Part Series

28) Obama and Nixon: How Executive Orders Have Been Used To Cover Up Scandals

29) Romney Poised to Make History by Becoming First Mormon President

30) Man-on-the-Street Interviews: People Who’ve Been Jobless for a Year Weigh in on the President

31) The Pothead President: Does Having Obama in the White House Set a Good Example for America's Youth?

32) Mitt Romney: Too Good to be True?

33) Barack Obama's Deficit Spending: Does It Mean the End of the American Dream?

34) Is Criticism of Mitt Romney Based on Hatred of Mormons?

35) Republican Hopes for Obama Victory Dwindle as Grim Economic News Mounts

36) Is Romney the Last, Best Hope of America's Middle Class?

37) Historians Rank Barack Obama as Worst President in American History

Yup! Right down there with Jimmy Carter

38) Ann Romney: America's Mom?

People do like Ann -- including the Entertainment shows like "Extra" and "Entertainment Tonight".

39) Will Michelle Obama's Nagging About Vegetables Turn Off Voters?

40) Mitt Romney: Mother Teresa With a Bigger House?

The Mainstream Media has done more to harms its image than ever before, punishing any attempt to portray objectivity. Advocacy has taken over. These headlines declare than can be contained in soundbites or afterthoughts or prolonged commentaries.

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