Sunday, October 14, 2012

Response to "Jewish Journal" Take on Prop 30

I respect the tenet of “Tikkun Olam”, but tax increases are not going to fix California’s fraying economy or save our failing schools. As far as Props 30 and 38 are concerned, do the voters in this state really trust that the Sacramento Political class is going to spend the “alleged” billions of increased tax revenues on our growing debt without cutting more funding to our schools? Most people are not even aware that Prop 30 is just a safeguard so that Sacramento does not cut more!

As for Prop 38, this initiative raises taxes on everyone with an income greater than $7,000, without any reforms or restrictions in how our schools spend the money. Right now, 80% of public education revenues go toward pensions and benefits, according to Cal-STRS. When school districts spend more time and money on the classroom as opposed to the lavish contracts forced upon school boards and communities by voracious public sector unions, then they can ask the taxpayers in this state for more money.

Until then, this whole scheme of raising taxes to raise revenue sounds more like King Solomon taxing his own people, with his royal next of kin whipping us with scorpions.

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