Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sequester Kaine – Elect Allen

To the voters of the Commonwealth of Virginia:

As a resident of the Sunny Golden State California, I envy your swing-state status. Presidential contenders are crisscrossing your state trying to get your vote. You also have a contentious senate race, one which pits two former Governors vying for the opportunity to represent that Mother State in the upper chamber of Congress. In California, aside from some crusty incumbents who presume that they do not even have to run for reelection, the only reason national candidates visit the West Coast is to raise some easy campaign cash either from Silicon Valley of Hollywood celebrities. Your state is central to the battle for the future of this country. Then again, where else would one find politics so fraught with conflict and destiny but Virginia, the same state where the British formally surrendered to the continental forces at Yorktown, the same state where the Civil War began and then ended.

I have shared my sentiment before on this matter: George Allen is your man. He has represented your state on a local and national level. He served as your Senator once before, and the only reason he lost the election was because he was running in 2006, a bad year for Republicans all around, tied down with the dying brand of “compassionate conservatism” which hurt the GOP brand of limited government and less spending. Still, Allen knows how to work with the opposition; he has the stability of the military and the fiscal solvency of the country in mind. He wants to protect the Bush tax cuts that spur growth and enable economic recovery.

Governor Tim Kaine loves his country, too, and I know that he loves Virginia, too;  however, he endorses a vision of leadership that embraces tax increases on job creators. He was the former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, a party which has titled further left since President Obama took office, a party which vocally considered removing “God” and “Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel” from its platform, the same party which ended up expanding the occasion and the subsidy for abortion. In the final year of his gubernatorial post, Kaine attempted to pass billion dollar tax hikes on the Commonwealth, which a bipartisan opposition stopped. He views revenue increases and government power as the answer to our country’s ills. Yet after four years of “hope and change” from the President whom Kaine openly championed during his 2008 run, Virginians know beyond any doubt that they will be sending a Senator who will repeat the same four years of failed stimulus, government overreach, and higher taxes.

The matter of sequestering has arisen in this very close campaign. The federal government originally pressed for a bipartisan commission to create a compromise of spending cuts and revenue increases. Since they failed to craft a final bill for full Congressional approval, a “sequester” of automatic spending cuts to military and non-discretionary spending has been slated to take place next year. Although I believe that the federal government must consider cuts in every branch of government, including the military, Governor Allen’s pledge to protect military jobs in Virginia while pushing for entitlement reform is the correct approach, one that will keep Virginia competitive yet infuse the country’s economy for greater economic recovery. Austerity must focus on cuts, not revenue increases, since the United States government does not have an intake issue, but a problem with spending and allocating funds for the future.

Mr. Kaine does not understand this issue. He is a patriot, no doubt about it, but his views and values do not reflect the greater good or the better interests of this country. Instead, Kaine should be sequestered with his like-minded liberals in a think-tank or a private interest group. His views do not belong in Congress, which has already invested in spending, engaged in frivolous fraud, and yet refuses to face the looming crises of unfunded entitlements and national debt.

I know that I am just one voice from the West Coast appealing to the Commonwealth of Virginia,  yet we have in common a great deal of wealth derived from a Constitution based on the Separation of Powers, limited government, individual liberty, and private enterprise. Governor Allen respects these fundamental dynamics more effectively.

Governor Mitt Romney is breaking for the win in Virginia’s presidential election. The former Senator is alike in will and skill with Mitt. Come November 6th, please elect George Allen for the US Senate.

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