Monday, October 22, 2012

Libertarian and Conservative Independents -- Vote for Romney!

I am aware of the “Live Free or Die” motto of the Granite State. I am also well-aware of the “Live and Let Live” Conservatism that dominates the state.

Frankly, I am a big fan of libertarian political theory. Like Paul the apostle, I believe that the sting of death is sin, but the strength of sin is the law (1 Corinthians 15: 56). As men are not angels in themselves, laws and governance are needed, but the fewer laws, the better. Free markets, competition, persuasion instead of coercion are the better means for the well-being of a community. As Murray Rothbard believed and received following the dissolution of the Soviet Union

I respect all voters who have registered themselves as libertarians. Less government, more local control, less spending, lower taxes, limited government: I love every little bit of it.

I support an enhance franchise across the country, as well, one in which more states would adopt the same Congressional District method to apportion electoral votes, the same way that Nebraska and Maine have adopted. Two electoral votes for would go to the Presidential candidate who wins the statewide popular vote, while every other electoral vote would be awarded based on winning the majority vote in every Congressional district in the state. This method honors the authority of the states and the people, would put larger, “spectator” states in play, like “liberal-locked” California and “Conservative-caught” Texas, while giving third-parties greater opportunities to win the Presidency.

In the mean-time, two-party dominance is here to stay, and on this note I appeal to every Libertarian and American Independent voter in New Hampshire to forgo their allegiance to their registered party and cast their deciding votes to Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

I know his role in implementing a state-wide health insurance mandate in neighboring Massachusetts may offend you, yet at least he outlined a telling and compelling contrast and contradistinction to ObamaCare in the first debate.  I never thought he would bring up ObamaCare in the debate, and I had believed that the issue was enough to sink his chances of winning the nomination. Yet Romney has pledged to repeal ObamaCare once in office, then to implement more market-oriented reforms which will drive down costs while opening up access and competition for greater quality and efficiency.

Over the past month, I have learned much more about Romney the man as much as the candidate. He is a loving father of five sons and a dedicated, honest wife. She will be the first pro-life first lady since the Supreme Court handed down Roe v. Wade! As CEO of Bain Capital, Romney epitomized everything that defines capitalism: taking failing companies and helping them thrive, improve, or close through creative marketing, innovation, or destruction. He got rich through his wealth and investments, and his leadership skills have been put to the test, first by saving the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, with a profit, then administering the state of Massachusetts without raising taxes and working with a state legislature dominated by a Democratic supermajority. During his tenure, he vetoed eight hundred bills, demonstrating a hard-line in enforcing his conservative principles. He has remained pro-life, refusing to sign into law a bill to authorize embryonic stem-cell research.

Romney cares about business, respects free markets, wants to repeal Dodd-Frank.  He may not line up with the unlimited libertarian line, as he has considered rescinding the much-needed draw-down of troops in Afghanistan, yet Romney is anarcho-capitalism compared to the incumbent Barack Obama, whose failed domestic policies have decimated our currency, stagnated our economy, and burdened our future with annual trillion dollar deficits.

New Hampshire’s former governor John Sununu has been leading the charge for Romney across the country and on the Mainstream Media, where the pundits and journalists have nothing but empty talking points to take down the former Governor. In the long run, no libertarian or conservative independent will be throwing his vote away or compromising his principles by voting for Romney. Libertarians and freedom fighters and cautious conservatives of New Hampshire, do not split the vote and give your state to the President who never met a spending bill he did not veto or a tax increase he did not like. Cast your vote for liberty, vote for Romney, and bring back the “Live Free or Die” love of life that this country so desperately needs to see return to us.

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