Sunday, October 14, 2012

Al (Muratsuchi) in Wonderland

Democratic candidate for the 66th Assembly District Al Muratsuchi has published another attack ad, paid for by the California Democratic Party. This unique multi-page booklet alludes to “Alice in Wonderland”, outlining offensive views of Republican challenger Craig Huey as a “Mad Hatter” with extreme “Tea Party” tenets.

If anyone is mad, it has to be Muratsuchi, who has resorted to “Eat Me” then “Drink Me” attack ads which blow up Huey’s views then diminish his character, yet with lesser effect. If nothing else, it appears that “Al in Wonderland” has fallen down the rabbit hole of mud-slinging, since he cannot run on his record or from the big money public sector unions backing up his campaign. And he is late, late, late to the game.

Muratsuchi ought to take a walk through the Looking Glass of his own campaign donations, in which public sector unions, like the California Teachers Association, whom I am sure would allow the matron whose child turned into a pig run a classroom and abuse students, just as the teachers union killed legislation in Sacramento would expedite firing abusive teachers.

Or perhaps Muratsuchi has been sipping tea with the Queen of Hearts and her coterie, thinking of eight impossible things before breakfast, like taking public sector union donations, yet claiming that he will stand up to special interests in Sacramento.

Then again, the greater likelihood of Al’s serving his cake before he cuts it will take place before the voters in the South Bay can count on Muratsuchi to enact comprehensive pension reform , since he is a government employee, set to receive a pension. We can more likely trust the Walrus and the Carpenter to watch their oysters than for the Torrance School Board Member to care for our taxpayer dollars and protect Prop 13.

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