Monday, October 15, 2012

Response to "La Opinion" --Obama Losing Ground with Hispanic Voters

US Senate candidate from Texas Ted Cruz told reporters that he has never seen a homeless Hispanic person begging for bread. I had never thought about that, but he’s right! As a resident of the Los Angeles area, I have never seen a Hispanic person on the street. Whether they are working or raising their families, industry and investment characterize many Hispanic voters.

As soon-to-be Senator Cruz suggested, the Hispanic culture is based on an ethic of work, worth, and wealth. The integrity of the family, respect for tradition, the value of a dollar – all of these values are prevalent in the Hispanic community: the same values espoused by the Republican Party. Therefore, I am not surprised that President Barack Obama is losing ground with Hispanic voters.

Governor Mitt Romney was born in Mexico. He is a citizen of the world as well as the private sector. His values better reflect the interests of every American, no matter what their race or ethnic background.

American citizens, both born and naturalized, desire legal immigration, but they also support the rule of law. Although appeals for amnesty are understandable, President Obama’s executive order for non-enforcement has done more harm than good, putting many youth at greater risk who cannot get proper papers and who still have not received a path to citizenship.

I will never forget the story of how New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez became a Republican. Initially a registered Democrat, she was discussing politics with her friends. When she realized how much they agreed on, she realized “I’m a Republican!” I hope that after four years of Obama, more Hispanics will find that they do not share his or the Democratic Party's  vision of taxation, spending, and government overreach.

Under Barack Obama, we have an unprecedented forty million on food stamps. Unemployment is rampant. More people have given up looking for work. The country is facing huge debts and deficits, which erode our currency. Hispanics deserve better. Romney in 2012!

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