Monday, October 15, 2012

New Hampshire: Thank You for John Sununu

Tell 'Em Like it Is: John!
Romney Surrogate and campaign chairman John Sununu, the former Governor of New Hampshire and former chief of staff under George H . W. Bush, knows how to crush the “Mainstream Media” in interview after interview. He is like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, but without the weight gain or the heavily Democratic state legislature to make nice with. This guy rips up every reporter who toes the liberal-statist-Democratic line.

Former Governor John Sununu lambastes the Obama Administration for stupid remarks and dumb campaign moves. He throttles the fawning liberal agenda of journalists who act as surrogates for the President, even though they are supposed to advance fair and balanced reporting. He also made some savvy predictions about the campaign.

After the New Hampshire primaries, Sununu sparred with Chris Matthews. About the fight over the Super-PACs blasting negative ads, Sununu scolded Matthews and his panel: “You guys are reveling and wallowing” in ridiculous perceptions of what can and cannot be done. “Stop being ridiculous, and get to the point! Talk about the issues!” Then he fired at them: “You have an agenda that you want to drive.” Finally, someone is telling Big Media to its face to back off! “You’re guy Obama. . .” he also alluded. Sununu rebuked them for digging for dirt in Romney’s private sector career and his political record.

With Larry O’Donnell, the New Hampshire Governor trashed his attempt to display Romney as losing steam. “You’re grasping at straws”, Sununu claimed, trying to tie Bush Senior and Romney’s campaign together. “You can’t resist it can you. Bush was an incumbent – there is no parallel with the primary and the general election”. Then Sununu added that unlike Bush Sr., Romney was running against “an absolutely incompetent President”. Sununu also identified early that Obama was going to run a negative campaign because he had no record to run on.

With Rachel Maddow Sununu predicted that Perry’s and Gingrich’s attacks against Romney’s record as a venture capitalist would haunt them later. Regarding these “socialist attacks: “I’m saying that the tone of these attacks don’t sound like their Republican – they sound like they are coming out of the Left wing.” Sununu hit the nail on the head. Conservative cartoonists and columnists were startled by these attacks on Romney’s business record. Capitalism is just as much about creative destruction as well as job creation. Unlike the other GOP candidates, Romney had a real record to run on.

In April, in another head-to-head Chris Matthews, Sununu maintained the difference between Ryan and Romney’s budget, without dismissing Ryan’s efforts and while promoting Romney’s candidacy. “Here’s your problem – you guys don’t understand that there is a guy at the top of the ticket!” Sununu kept turning every issue back to Obama’s frequently failures – this guy is like Newt Gingrich without the frequent infidelities!

With Soledad O’Brien on May 30, 2012, Governor Sununu took control from the outset. O’Brien wanted to tie Donald Trump’s outrageous views to Romney  in order to tarnish his recent clinching the GOP nomination. “Why is CNN so fixated on this? Why don’t we talk about the jobs issue in this country? You had Donald Trump on last night.” I loved how the governor then tied foul-mouthed Bill Maher to President Obama. “Aren’t you embarrassed to be speaking directly from the Obama talking points?” In another match-up with Soledad O’Brien, Sununu chided the reporter: “Put an Obama bumper sticker on your forehead.” Indeed, these reporters can’t get anything past this guy!

With FOX News’ Martha MacCallum in July, Sununu then blasted Obama for his fallacious felony accusations against Romney. Finally, someone is not afraid to remind the public of Obama’s dubious past, connections with Tony Resko, convicted felony former Governor Rod Blagojevich, and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. Sununu then denounced Obama’s dumb ideas and campaign strategies. “Politician and felony are almost synonymous” in Chicago politics – Ouch! Not letting up, the former governor also brought up Obama’s lack of business experience.  Not a dull pause!

With Juan Williams, John Sununu upbraided the contributor’s character assassination about Romney’s signatures for Bain Capital. Once again, the governor attacked Barack “Chicago Machine” Obama for bringing up the term “felony”, but his indictment against Williams was priceless: “Don’t let your blind loyalty to this President make you so foolish.” President Obama has been engaged in empty character assassination– incompetent and dishonest. He has failed the American voters.

However, Sununu’s greatest hit was with Andrea Mitchell.  The discussion started over outsourcing, in which she tired to paint Romney as the job-killer, but Sununu swept in reminding her of all the green tech jobs overseas. Once again, Sununu took Obama to task over dishonest messages: “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this dishonesty!” Mitchell fumbled to respond, on camera:  “You’re struggling, Andrea. You’re struggling!”  Sununu laughed. This guy is great!

Bob Schieffer or George Stephanopoulos should interview Sununu. He would make mincemeat out of them! Governor Mitt Romney should thank God that the “Live Free or Die” Granite State bestowed the mouth and mission of John Sununu on the United States!

Thank You, New Hampshire, for Governor John Sununu!

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