Friday, October 19, 2012

"Enlightened Self-Interest" in Random Lengths News

Executive Editor James Preston Allen tells readers in his latest editorial that the voters in this country have a choice between“Bush-Cheney” and “New Deal.” Either choice spells “Big Government” and “Bad Deal”. Allen may as well have asked: “Do I want to be shot or hung, followed by what I want on my Tombstone?”
Of course, I do not see the choice in such stark terms. Romney is articulate, so is Obama. Romney is rich, so is Obama. Romney worked with a legislature dominated by the opposition. Obama has not. Romney has not run this country through four years of deficits with no leadership aside from running campaigns – Obama has. I am ready for hope, so I want a change – No more Obama.
“The policies that we know have worked before. . .” I will join you in condemning the eight years of borrow, spend, expand and expend under “W”. Yet what about “FDR’s “Raw Deal”actually worked? The United States government spent an unprecedented billions over twelve years. Even Roosevelt’s own Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau admitted in his diary that it didn't work. After slaughtered livestock, burning fields, FDIC, and only World War II followed by cuts in taxes and spending revamped the economic recovery in this country. “These policies worked before. . .?” Obama's policies were the same policies as the Bush Administration!
About Bush-Cheney – I could not agree more. “W” was Lyndon Baines Johnson with an (R) after his name, the same airhead who said “We must suspend the rules of the free market in order to save it.” Then there was FDR, who maintained the suspension of “laissez-faire” as his interventionist predecessor Herbert Hoover. FDR then said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,”followed by seizing the nation’s gold,
My answer: “Fear Big Government." Under FDR, E pluribus unum became L’Etat, c’est moi, with progressives since then eagerly lining up for the top post in Washington, including Barack Obama.
I'm voting for Romney because least he’s not Barack!

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