Monday, October 1, 2012

What Will Claire McCaskill Say Next?

In a new attack ad, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is still waving the “legitimate rape” shirt, hoping to distract voters with distortions of Mr. Akin’s support for free market reforms and free people. “What will he say next?” closes the ad.

Senator Claire McCaskill is still castigating Congressman Todd Akin for one comment. In attacking the infrequent comments of the Congressman, McCaskill has not yet considered that the same line of attack would yield even more damaging quips against her for all that she has proffered during her double-minded tenure in Washington.

Aside from Senator McCaskill’s 100% rating from NARAL (National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws), aside from her voting 90% of the time with the liberal establishment in Washington what other silly, stupid, or insensitive comments has Ms. McCaskill made during her six-year tenure in the US Senate?

What hasn’t she said?

McCaskill said this about President Bush:

“George Bush let people die on rooftops in New Orleans because they were poor and because they were black.”

Would you like to take this back, Ms. McCaskill? It is appalling to me how broad the double standard has become in the media markets. She castigated the previous President as a race-monger, and no one held her accountable for it.

Let’s look over McCaskill’s other "flubs" over the past six years:

“I don't understand this rudeness! What is this?"

This comment McCaskill uttered, in either mock-surprise, or genuine ignorance. In this 2009 townhall meeting, McCaskill was trying to sell Missourians on the Affordable Care Act, which has turned out not to be affordable at all. "You don't trust me?" She later asked, and every cried out: "No!"

It's clear why the crowd of 3, 500 were outraged -- they were fed up then and they are fed up now with a senator who listens to party bosses in Washington instead of the voters of Missouri.

“The seniors will be well-taken care of in this bill.” So claimed Claire in the same meeting, yet the dogged reality of $700 billion missing from Medicare as a result of ObamaCare just will not go away, a massive excise which is now hurting hospitals all over the country.

In another interview, this time with Bill O'Reilly, McCaskill commented that the people "weren't sure about" the big things. Stimulus, TARP -- these government measures McCaskill claimed were successful. As if! O'Reilly, like many voters in this country, believe that ObamaCare, which apparently started out at 615 pages only to metastiaize in 2, 400, is "Bi Government. McCaskill responded: "I don't know that at the end of the day if it's going to be big government intrusion." She then offered up Medicare, a "solid" example of Big Government, which is in fact bankrupting this country. "That's why we have to work on this bill." -- to save Medicare. $700 billion dollar raid on Medicare is fixing Medicare?

On her failure to pay property taxes on her private plane, McCaskill rebuffed any complaints:

“Well there is no question that this is a big, sloppy, stupid mistake. I found it and came forward and made sure that we paid the money. You asked how this happened. I assumed that it was being done appropriately; which was a mistake on my part. I should have never assumed that.”

There is no excuse for a Senator overlooking a massive tax on her own property.

About not attending the 2012 Democratic Convention, McCaskill waffled:

"I'm in a tough fight -- it's after Labor Day. It doesn't mean I don't support President Obama." The Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda was sinking McCaskill's chances of then and now! She then claimed: "I'm independent." Still, Obama-Claire cannot shake off her party affiliation, and she tried to defend ObamaCare:

"Some are saying 'This is a tax increase on everyone' -- of course not!"

The Huffington Post reported that ObamaCare will hit six million families with tax increases.

"It's a huge tax cut for small businesses."

CNBC reported that small businesses are confused, afraid, and outraged about costs and regulations which will push their employees' premiums up.

From the September 23, 2012 Debate, McCaskill claimed: “I have a strong moderate record.”

Although The Washington Post puts her in the middle, she cannot run away from her support for the 2009 stimulus and ObamaCare, two highly controversial bills which are bankrupting this country. A closer look at her voting record suggests that she pushes the liberal line in Washington. In the last six months, she has voted against the following:

Disapproval of President's Authority to Raise the Debt Limit

Prohibits Increase in Interest Rates for Student Loans (Lamar Bill) -- this is interesting, especially since she crows that she has the best interest of students in mind.

Limits Farm Subsidies to Farmers with Incomes Under $250,000 -- If McCaskill "opposes" Big Government, yet she persists in supporting out-dated subsidies for the Agribusiness lobby?

She even voted against an amendment which Extends Middle Class Tax Cuts.

From race-baiting to tax evasion to misconstruing her record: What will Claire Say Next?

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